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Sneak Peek At Bar Refaeli Diet

Bar Refaeli, diet secrets, modelBar Refaeli Diet! Is Bar Refaeli a diet supplement? No! Bar Refaeli was the first long legged Israeli model who graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2009. Refaeli has appeared in magazines like Elle(France), Maxim and GQ(Italy). But, I don't blame you if you don't know her, because she is yet to create a big stir in the International scene. However, she did get a lot of media attention when she dated the Inception star, Leonardo di Caprio. It even offended a nationalist Israeli organization and sent her a letter in which they had asked her not to marry a “non-Jew”(di Caprio) for the sake of “future generations of Jews”. LoL! Talk about progressive thinking! And on that note lets take at Bar Refaeli diet.



Bar Refaeli Diet Secrets

Hate to break your bubble, but there is no elusive Bar Refaeli diet. Why? Because she doesn't go on a diet and does not want to be skinny like the other models. She believes is staying in shape but not in fad diets. She thinks that even if she hadn't been in the modelling business, she would have still tried to stay in shape.


Like every girl she wants to look her best before any shoot. So what she does is; some extra sit-ups the night before and kick starts the D-Day with hot water and lemon in the morning. Lemon helps cleanse the system and boost the metabolism. She swears that she doesn't do anything remarkably crazy. In her exact words, “I don’t diet and I don’t have an eating plan, but I like to eat healthily. I don’t deny myself anything and there’s nothing I wouldn’t eat. I like desserts – I like food full-stop, but I exercise and I’m young, so everything keeps in check.” Way to go, girl!


Bar Refaeli, like I said before, believes in keeping oneself fit. But for Bar, monotonous hours in the gym is absolutely boring. She says that it would be horrible if you do not enjoy what you are doing in the gym. She does a range of cardio and Krav Maga. Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art. Bar's trainer has taught her many kick techniques that tone up her thighs, legs and her mid-section. Krav Maga is a excellent workout that is fast catching up in Hollywood town. It is a full body workout for all those who want to get a body like Bar Refaeli.


In conclusion, there is no Bar Refaeli diet. All she does is eat healthy and work out hard. To get a body like hers, you might want to take up Krav Maga lessons.


Mazel Tov!


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Sneak Peek At Bar Refaeli Diet