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Mo'Nique Weight Loss Secrets

Mo'Nique, celebrity diet, weight lossMo'Nique Weight Loss Secrets! Ok, where do I start and how do I start a blog about Mo'Nique. I am big fan of this woman. She is a talented comedienne, talk show host, Oscar winner and mother of three who never fails to entertain me. God bless that woman because she just blows me away with her 'AWESOMENESS'. She has always been on the heavy side for the most part of her life until two years ago. She has lost close to 50 pounds and has been maintaining it that way for the past two years. She is one woman who has always been proud of being 'thick and beautiful' and a lot of heavy women looked up to her as a role model. I would love Mo'Nique in any size but I think she rocks with her new figure. So how did Mo'Nique lose all that weight? What is the secret behind her weight loss?


Mo'Nique diet secrets:

Mo'Nique weighed a hefty 262 pounds when she was persuaded by her husband to shed some pounds to stay healthy. She just had to lose some weight when he said, “Baby, that’s too much and I want you for a lifetime”. Mo'Nique has always said that being big is beautiful, but recently has admitted she was not promoting 'being big' the healthy way.


Some had thought that she underwent a gastric bypass surgery to lose all that weight. Mo'Nique says that she is much too afraid of needles, leave alone have an operation like that. She had resorted to the safest way to lose all that weight through monitored diet and exercise. However, she says that it very important to stay determined to shed all that weight, because without focus, one can't achieve anything.


Mo'Nique cut down on red meats, fried foods, cookies, cakes, chips, sodas and just about every other junk food. She also hired a personal trainer who helps her work out 5 times a week. And exactly how hard working is she? Well, she hits the gym 5.30am everyday. She has strict workout routines which she follows religiously. She does just about everything; weight training, boxing, and football drills, sprinting, pull-ups on the dip bar and jogging. It is only fair to say that this hefty actress has and is working really hard to lose/maintain weight.


Final verdict on the Mo'Nique diet:

If are looking at losing weight and getting back in shape, it is recommended that you go the Mo'Nique way because it is the right way. Cut down on junk food completely. Drink lots of water. Stay focused at losing weight. Get yourself a good trainer and hit the gym everyday.


In Mo'Nique's words, “be fit and fabulous!” Mazel Tov!


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Ferrari's picture
Monique did the right thing by losing weight. She did it for all the right reasons: to be healthy. People need to stop hating. She looks so good. Im trying to lose 20lbs from having a baby and so far I've lost 8lbs. Its's strictly for health reasons and people criticize me for it. They talk about the I eat, the exercise routine I do etc.. Keep ya head up Mo'nique. P.S If she loses fans for losing weight then they were never her fans to begin with.
bronzegoddess.bright's picture
Ferrari - you go girl!!!
Mz. Wanderful's picture
I'm all for anyone who has the courage to improve themselves. I made a decision to take control of my health almost a yr ago and after losing 93lbs I feel born again. U go all big girl divas. It feels great to breathe again. Proud of u Mo Nique.
Brice.James's picture
Great post and must be of great motivation for those who wants to lose weight. To lose weight break meals in 5/6 small meals including snacks and prefer raw food over processed food. Drink more water than routine, start green tea and avoid beverages, soda and flavored juices. Avoid eating before going to bed and exercise regularly to burn fat, boost metabolism and to lose weight. castle hills personal trainer
Chef.Leeta's picture
Congratulations on your weight loss sis. . you are doing the doggone thing. I always thought you were a beautiful woman. Just when I thought you couldn't be more beautiful your beauty shows even MORE!!! Wow sis! Amazingly flawless. . .you are a FANTABULOUS DIVA. . . . .so happy for you. You are so blessed to have a husband that loves you so much and he is so blessed to have a woman that loves him just as much. Nothing but mad love for the both of you.
Watosn's picture
Congratulations on your weight loss. During weight loss do not expect immediate results. Whether you want to lose the extra-pounds, or just stay in shape, eat well and do quality workout. Tacoma exercise
Mo'Nique Weight Loss Secrets