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How To Include Lean Proteins Into Your Diet

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Protein not only builds your bones and muscles but also strengthens your immune system by fighting against the various viruses, bacteria and other harmful organisms. On the other hand, high protein foods add more calories, so you should to try to include lean protein into your diet. Lean protein foods are low in calorie and fat so it would provide the required amount of nutrients but would not add calories to your body. Lean protein is loaded with nutrients like iron, vitamin K and B12. So when you start to include lean protein into your diet, your body mass is maintained as a result you would lose weight.  Also your body metabolism is accelerated helping you to burn fat at an even rate.


nclude chicken to your salad

Chicken is one of the lean proteins that you can include into your salads. Baked or grilled chicken can be eaten plain or can be enjoyed along with a bowl of salad. Remember fried chicken cannot be substituted for this, since it is deep fried and has too much oil in it. Zest of orange or lemon or lemon pepper can be added to the chicken. It is ideal to take skinless and boneless chicken pieces.

Include beans to your diet

There are many varieties of beans available in the stores such as black, pinto, and navy beans. A cup of boiled beans with vegetables can keep your full for long hours. You can also make soup from black beans and season it with red pepper, cumin, and lime juice.

Include Grilled Fish

Fish is another best option of lean protein. The varieties that you can include are scrod, cod, sole, flounder, clams and scallops. Taking grilled or baked fish is the good way to include lean protein into your diet. Season the fish with pepper, olive oil, salt, warp it in aluminum foil and grill it.  While baking add little lemon pepper or old bay, you can also try with any other seasoning of your choice.

Include boiled egg white

You can take scrambled eggs or omelet. However taking egg whites or boiled eggs as snacks is the ideal way to include lean protein into your diet.


It is clear now that adding lean protein is easier and healthier. Try to include lean protein into your diet daily to lead a healthy life.

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How To Include Lean Proteins Into Your Diet