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Kim Kardashian Diet Secrets


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What is the Kim Kardashian diet? Was there just one Kim Kardashian diet anyway? It is tough keeping up with the Kardashians, alright. Kim Kardashian like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, is hard to ignore. You can love her or hate her, you just can't ignore her. Wikipedia describes her an American socialite(should that even be mentioned), television personality, actress, model, and recording artist. Interestingly enough in my opinion, she is probably one of the few people without having done anything significant still managed to get a lot of media attention. This reality star's 2010 earnings were the highest in comparison to all the other reality stars at $6 million, 10% of which were donated to charity. Beat that! On that note, let me get to some of Kim Kardashian's diet secrets.


Kim Kardashian's Diet:

This reality star always says that she is on a diet. She has one of the hottest bodies in town and yet she seems to be perpetually on a diet. Will someone one announce that eating healthy is the right thing to do in Tinsel Town. Kim is one person who has been on some fad diet or the other. However, she uses her own diet supplement product 'Quick Trim' to maintain or lose weight. Her sister Khloe, apparently did lose a lot of weight using 'Quick Trim'.


She says that her Olympian step-father inspired her to get back in shape. Kim hits the gym almost every day. She works out for at least 2 hours a day. And one some days she would spend some more time doing additional workouts. To keep herself super toned, she does a lot of lunges and abdominal exercises. She also does supervised, minimal weight training.


My final word is this. It is OK to want a body like Kim Kardashian, but remember, what may work for her might not work for you. There are no short cuts to having a hot, sexy body. It involves a lot of sweat and healthy eating. Please do not attempt a diet that just involves the consumption of dietary supplements like the 'Quick Trim'. Some nutritionists believe that the diet supplements contain many stimulants that will make a person jittery. Consult a nutritionist before going on a diet like the Kim Kardashian diet.



Good luck with keeping up with the Kardashian!



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Kim Kardashian Diet Secrets