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Selena Gomez Diet Secrets


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Here comes the Selena Gomez diet for all her fans! I first noticed Selena Gomez in the movie, Another Cinderella Story. The girl did pull off some serious dance moves very well in that movie. And now I'm blogging about Selena Gomez diet secrets. I'm coming to believe that this is predestined in some weird way. I found Selena Gomez a tad(just a tad) skinny for her age in that movie. For those of you who do not know Selena Gomez, she is a 18 year old American actress and singer who is currently dating Justin Beiber (how did that happen?!?). Ok, she has done pretty impressive things herself and she will not be overshadowed by Beiber. On that note, let's get started.


Is there a Selena Gomez diet at all?

Yes there is or at least there is a semblance of one. She has been criticized for her poor eating in the past but now she seems to be back on track. Her earlier diet was seriously deprived of protein but now, she is adding more protein to her diet.


For breakfast, Selena has omelets with mushrooms, onions and cheese. I'm not sure what she was having before for lunch, but these days she has started to eat more meat. She prefers to eat turkey when she is on the sets of various productions. For dinner, she goes a little heavy on Italian side. In fact, she would love it if all her dinners were Italian. She would love to have lasagna every night if possible. Selena also munches on Snickers or Reese's Pieces and at times a pickle. She has also been spotted drinking diet colas. I know for a fact she goes to the gym and exercises regularly to stay in shape. It will be great if she starts to eat more consciously and healthily.


Every thing said and done, Selena Gomez is a 'Teen Sensation'. Many young girls want to look like her. For all Selena Gomez's young fans out there, this is my advice to you all. It is OK to want to be like her but this is not what you should be eating. Selena Gomez's diet is lacking nutrients. There aren't any vegetables and fruits in her diet at all. Her snacks aren't healthy either. Eat nutritious meals. Balance out your carbohydrate, protein and fat intake. Drink a plenty of water and add a lot of vegetables and fruits to your diet. Be physically active. Take help from your parents and your teacher about eating healthy.


Eat Healthy and Have Fun!


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Selena Gomez Diet Secrets