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How To Plan A No Carb Diet Menu

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Simplest Way To Lose Weight

Every woman in this world has the desire to own a slim and sexy, hot body and the perfect way to achieve this is to follow a no carb diet menu. Restricting carbohydrates has proven to be beneficial for weight loss. It restricts the consumption of added sugars and keeps the food cravings away. Want to know how to get rid of the ugly flab and show of your figure in a hassle-free way! The answer is right here. With these no carb diet menu ideas, weight loss is now just like sipping your favorite juice. Read on…


No Carb Diet Menu Tips

A no carb diet plan essentially asks you to exclude carbohydrates from your diet. Carbohydrates are the ‘white’ foods that we include in our daily diet including the sugar and refined flour. Cutting down carbohydrates is simpler than you think, as there are healthier substitutes. This blog will give you few no carb diet menu ideas to start your diet plan.



You can include whole eggs, cheese and different types of meats as part of your no carb diet plan. Start your day with omelets and bacons, a quiche without crust, asparagus, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach. Cold smoked salmon, cold veggies, frozen seafood and poultry are ideal breakfast options for a cold winter morning. Make your breakfast tastier with the low carb muffins and pancakes.

Smoothies prepared with whey powder, along with fruits like strawberries, blueberries and cantaloupe, offer variety to your low carb diet. If you don’t prefer to eat breakfast, then carry a protein smoothie with you.



Enjoy rolls made with lettuce leaves like Romaine instead of your normal sandwiches. Secure with toothpicks if you are taking them to office. These rolls are good choices for at home or office lunch. You can choose a low carb filling like, roast beef, tuna, non-starch veggies like zucchini, red peppers and broccoli, egg scramble etc. Enrich the taste with a topping of avocado, olives or humus.

Add variety and color to your no carb lunch with green salads. Remember your aim is to avoid potatoes, peas and other veggies rich in carbs. Keep an eye on those salad dressings. Choose blue cheese or ranch to make your lunch creamier and yummier.


Teatime Snacks

You can include nuts in small portions, low fat cottage cheese cubes, string cheese, boiled eggs and non-starchy sliced veggies as teatime snacks. Bid adieu to those crunchy and deep fried snacks and adopt a low carb snack to lose weight and get fab.



Choose a light low carb dinner with grilled poultry, a small salad and a side prepared using artichokes, asparagus or zucchini. Serve a grilled chicken breast with salsa topped with jicama strips to relish a spicy taco salad substitute.


Make weight loss an enjoyable experience with a no carb diet menu. Look fab, feel healthy!


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How To Plan A No Carb Diet Menu