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How Acai Berry Fights Cancer

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Acai berry

Acai berry, the dark purplish, gooseberries sized berries from  the Amazon River plains have developed repute for being replete with health and medicinal benefits. Through this blog I will share some insights on how Accai berry helps fight cancer… so read on.




The taste of the Acai is pleasing as well making it one of the most cherished fruits among the Brazilians. The Acai berry has recently been awarded the status of super food on account of its anti cancer properties.


But how exactly does the tiny fruit help in keeping the dreaded cancer at bay. What are the properties of the simple and juicy berry that inhibit the cancerous cells? Let us find out…


Most of the naturally occurring foods like the fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants which help in destroying the free radicals that accumulate in the body on account of ingesting harmful pesticides or pollutants along with food. The measure for the quantity of antioxidants in food sources can be ascertained by means of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity score or ORAC. The berry in question has almost 167 ORAC compared to 32 in blueberries and 14 in apples making the Acai berry fighting cancer properties even more pronounced.


  • Destruction Of Cancer Cells

A research study conducted by the University of Florida has discovered the cancerous cell destroying properties of the Acai berry. The cancerous cells within the culture were self destructed by the chemicals present in the berry. This has prompted the researchers to believe that eating Acai would result in destroying the cancerous cells from the body as well.


  • Effect On Leukemia

Scientists believe that the berry of the Acai tree can certainly reduce the incidence of cancer but not when the body is already riddled with a surfeit of cancer cells. Leukemia or blood cancer has too many complex conditions associated with it to get influenced by the antioxidant properties alone. However, nothing concrete has been established yet and the scientists are keen on researching on this aspect further.


The various academic institutions across USA and the world have not been able to progress with studies on the Acai until now due the perishable nature of the berry. With the processed products being available only for the last five years or so, the scientists could not really get the adequate amount of berries required for adequate research. However, the circumstances have altered now and the researchers are now looking forward to discovering the exciting therapeutic effects that the Acai berry has on cancer.


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How Acai Berry Fights Cancer