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How To Follow Vegetarian Diet For Lent

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diet for Lent

Deciding on a suitable diet for Lent might be a trifle difficult. Although the Roman Catholic Church advocates giving up certain food products during the period, the exact nature of foods vary from region to region as well as from sect to sect. However, the idea of sacrifice is highlighted among all faithfuls with meat being forbidden on Fridays. Alcohol is considered to be taboo too as are the food stuffs that bring joy.


Tips To Follow Vegetarian Diet For Lent


Lent diets also mean going without any kind of solid food for some Christian priests. Some of them sustain themselves on liquids only. This may actually be a healthy way out but not all of us can follow such a rigorous practice. The ideal alternative for most of us would be to turn vegetarian during the period. Embracing a vegetarian diet for Lent will not only help us to prevent cruelty to animals it will also give us a fair chance to redeem ourselves and become healthier in the bargain.

But do we have sufficient vegetarian alternatives for Lent? An apt question indeed! Let us take a look at some of the vegetarian food products that can double up as Lent diets.


Meatless Recipes

Cooking up a meal that can satiate our hunger satisfactorily is not always possible without meat, so think most of us. However, you cannot be further from the truth if you believe in this. Try out eggplant dips and a delicious apple and fennel soup for starters. A corn stew along with a couscous cake can be filling enough. Add some fresh green salad to it and finish off your meal in keeping with the tradition of Lent.


Egg Substitutes

Giving up eggs might be even more difficult than meat. After all, the egg finds its way into our breakfast, lunch, dinner and almost every meal that we can think of. The desserts usually contain stiffly beaten egg whites or are thickened with an egg more often than not. So what would be the appropriate eggless diet for Lent this season? Crumbled tofu, mashed potatoes, pumpkins and prunes can all replace eggs quite satisfactorily allowing you to eat innovative and healthy meals during the period of abstinence.


Cooking medium

Using a lot of butter or cream is not quite done during Lent. Although butter is not forbidden strictly, many religious people avoid it opting for the beneficial olive oil instead. Using vegetable oil or margarine for baking is another alternative that has found many takers among the modern observers of Lent.


Including a lot of fruits, pulses and nuts to your daily diet will also help you to stay healthy during the forty days of mourning. However, it is advisable to refrain from over indulging even if you opt for a vegetarian diet for Lent as the time is one of sacrifice and abstinence.


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How To Follow Vegetarian Diet For Lent