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Red Wine Competes With Diabetes Drug For Its Effect

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Red wine and diabetes are not rivals. TRed Wine And Diabeteshis confirms that red wines can help counter the diabetes and has got same potential as the diabetes drug entail. Some of the insightful researches at Vienna`s biotechnology lab of Natural sources and Life Sciences have come to conclude that one of the variety of red wine have drug potentials to cure Diabetes type 2 syndrome. Some of the bio technologists in this way have drawn attention from worldwide in this approach of their studies. However, not every wine therapy can be assumed for diabetes control, but a red wine variety has got some scores high in this experimental studies conducted by biotechnology scientist in one corner of world. Let us drive more deep into this whole understanding.


What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a now a household term, as one in every ten people are inflicted with this sweet poison disease. Diabetes is the result of body going out of track, when insulin, the hormone responsible for breaking down sugar for metabolic process, is either impaired or altered inside the system due to some crazy reasons. We consume sugar in natural and artificial forms. Foods from cereals to fruits to fast foods, all have some inkling of sugar in them. What is required is proper breakdown of sugar in our blood and liver to expedite the process of lowering the blood sugar level. This is done by insulin. In some abnormal cases, insulin is unable to perform its function and sugar level spikes up in our blood. This is what we call diabetes. a life threatening complication.

How does red wine compete for diabetes drugs?

Now that is the million dollar question which has been researched by our scientists. Red wine of one variety called Blaufrankisch contains some ligands and molecules which are similar in structure and function to a type 2 diabetes drug called, rosiglitazone. Ligands are effective mushy molecules which are made of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Their function is to drive the cholesterol droplets to liver and sensitize the insulin action on them. Fiasco in this channeling may lead to hypertension, high blood sugar level, and cardiovascular disease. This all culminates into development of type 2 diabetes condition.

Red wine found more effective than drugs

In experimental course, scientist found that red wine contained five times more of life saving ligands, than that found in diabetes drug. Moreover, female counterparts received more benefit than their male counterparts.

Red wine definitely competes with diabetes drug but it cannot be assumed as safe alternative to age old drug being used for curing the disease. Wider explanation on this behalf has yet to arrive!

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Red Wine Competes With Diabetes Drug For Its Effect