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Lose Weight With A Cake Made Of Chillies

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Do you know, you can lose weight with a cake made of chillies?  Now an ingredient called dihydrocapsiate (DHC) derived from chilli peppers can help in losing weight.

Dihydrocapsiate (DHC): Dihydrocapsiate is a tasteless substance and at the same time it speeds up the body metabolism and it helps to burn  more calories. This substance can be used as an ingredient in chilli cakes and in turn we can lose weight with the cake made of chillies. 

However, Idea of chilli cakes for losing weight is great.  It’s going to create a revolution in food industry.

DHC is among the several chemical compounds which are identified as capsinoids. These capsinoids are present in a particular variety of chilli. Capsinoids are already sold as diet supplement pills in the U.S. and Japan market.

Japanese submitted plans to FSA: Ajinomoto, a Japanese food firm is ready to manufacture cake made of chillies and it has submitted its plans to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).  Ajinomoto is aiming towards the dieters by preparing the cake made of chillies.

FSA has declared the idea as safe:  Recently FSA has approved the DHC as safe, so we can expect cake made of chillies soon to be in market.

Dieticians disagree:  Some dieticians are not accepting the statement of losing weight with the help of cake made of chillies; they say that eating the foods containing DHC won’t actually have any effect.

According to them a person weighing about 15 stone can probably burn off only 50 extra calories a day – by consuming the recommended portions of foods which contain DHC. As per the dieticians the digestive biscuit can also help in the same way.

Ajinomoto planning to make the DHC synthetically: Ajinomoto is planning to make the DHC synthetically because only very small amount of DHC can be derived from chilli peppers. It is planning to add up to 3mg of DHC to cake made of chillies. This amount of extract can be found in ten chillies.

Ajinomoto insisted that it was not trying to state that losing weight is possible by simply by eating their food but It should be a part of an overall healthy diet along with lively lifestyle, combination of all these  will be able to achieve results.

However losing weight with the help of cake made of chilies is an interesting idea, we should wait and see how it works.

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Lose Weight With A Cake Made Of Chillies