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What Are The Effects Of Caffeine On Short-Term Memory

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Effects of caffeine on short term memory and long term memory have become one of the most talked about topics in recent time. The role of caffeine in short-term memory booster is a new discovery. What were prior known about caffeine were its stimulant features and its presence in tea, coffee, chocolates, and colas. The stimulant feature of caffeine has its definite advantages like it is quick absorbent, removes mental fatigue, and adds on alertness and reflex of mind. Recent study has revealed that caffeine has some more consumption advantages, like caffeine improves cognitive functions like power on memory; however research is still ongoing on his matter and some more interesting scoops might be lying under the sleeve of caffeine advantage.    


Short-term memory: an overview

Basically we work on two memories; one is working memories and the other option is short-term memory. Working memory is the mental ability to remember some information for a concise time span; on the other hand, short-term storage memory is the mental ability for storing some information for a few days’ span. However, short term memory efficiency determines the alertness level of an individual as well as the power to recapitulate relevant information, and the natural ability to coordinate information with relevant decision etc.

Caffeine on cognitive functions

Moderate consumption of caffeine leads to some positive cognitive functions like

  • Brain stimulation
  • It minimizes negative effects
  • It boosts memory retention power
  • Stimulates alertness thus increases level of analytical power of brain.

Caffeine effects on short term memory

Research has revealed that on consumption of caffeine negative emotions like anger, depression, frustration level of an individual gets reduces at least for some time. The stimulating feature of caffeine stands perhaps responsible for this positive change in brain.

Moderate consumption of caffeine improves glucose tolerance level of an individual and thus often regulates cognitive impairment of human body. This feature is specially seen effective for elderly persons hence dose of caffeine often works well for the patients of Alzheimer. The positive effect on Alzheimer is one of the benefits of caffeine on short-term human memory. Research has revealed the data that recommended level of caffeine consumption slows the inception of Alzheimer disease.

Although research is still ongoing on this subject, it is already been proved that consumption of caffeine leads to improvement in numeric, verbal working memory. We can hope in coming days tea and coffee might be prescribed as memory booster. Good news for tea companies and coffee manufacturers.

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What Are The Effects Of Caffeine On Short-Term Memory