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How To Add Flavor To Salt-Free Cooking

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Read this blog to learn how to add flavor to salt-free cooking.

More and more people are opting for salt free food these days. Salt-free cooking is the latest trend of healthy lifestyle. Consuming salt less than usual could be very beneficial for anyone. It helps in lowering blood pressure levels and combating heart disease. While switching to salt-free cooking, people usually think that it will be hard to add flavor to the most of the dishes. So, here you will get the best ideas to add flavor to salt-free cooking.


Also, when you finally decide to reduce salt from your diet, it is very important that you regularly check the salt content of the packaged foods. Processed foods are considered to be the prime source of salt.


How to add flavor to salt-free cooking

1.One of the easiest ways of adding flavor to the food without using salt is to brown the food properly. Browning is basically a method of cooking food with oil in a skillet for a longer period of time. The idea is to keep cooking the food on slow flame and make it deep brown in color. Make sure that you don’t cook anything on high flame as this can even burn the food.


2. Secondly, try to use more vegetables such as onions and garlic in your diet. You can always use sautéed onions and garlic for serving with various foods such as pastas, meat , and soups. This will quickly enhance the flavor of the whole dish. You can even sauté different types of vegetables to add different types of flavors. You can use some vegetables such as bok choy, kale, sweet potatoes and yams.


3. Adding different types of herbs and seasonings can also change the flavor of any dish. Herbs like basil sprig, oregano, parsley, and chili powder can be used differently in many dishes. You can use them both after and during cooking. Another simple way would be to sprinkle some herbs just before serving the food.


4. Using ingredients like lime juice, vinegars, olive & grape seed oils, and salt-free mustard is also a great way of adding flavor to the food. You can actually enhance the flavor of a simple salad by adding these interesting ingredients.


5. Last but not the least, squirts of juice or some oil dressing is also considered the flavor enhancers. Just sprinkle some of these on the sandwiches which you usually garnish with common salt.  Moreover, salt-free mustard and healthy spreads can also be sprinkled on the top of any dish to add some extra flavors.


These are some of the simple tips concerning how to add flavor to salt-free cooking. Just follow the  instruction and stay healthy always.


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How To Add Flavor To Salt-Free Cooking