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Which Fruits Are Allowed On A Candida Diet

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Candida diet is very strict and also difficult to follow, however you can stick to the foods that are allowed on the diet. Having the list of fruits allowed on Candida diet would be useful for you to refer. Candida is a type of yeast present in the body, to prevent the overgrowth of the yeast certain foods are avoided. This is done as some foods can trigger outbreaks and may worsen the condition.

Candida diet advices you to avoid sugar, so try to include fruits that are low in sugar, these will help to prevent outbreaks more efficiently. Try to have fruits like apples or citrus as they have low glycemic index.

  • Citrus, avocado, berries, and green apples are some of the fruits allowed on Candida diet. Each day only one fruit serving is allowed and you can take about one cup of fruit. You cannot take any type of grapes or melons as they are high in sugar content and can aggravate the growth of the yeast.
  • Include berries to your daily fruit intake that are high in antioxidants. Raspberries are prefect to consume as they do not require any sweetener. But you should restrict taking strawberries because they are sweeter than blackberries and raspberries. Blueberries can also be taken which best suits for breakfast.
  • Avocado is another fruit followed on the diet; it is a good source of healthy fat. Fat is essential to support brain functions. You can take avocado with other foods like tomatoes and beef.
  • Add lemon juice or lime to your food that are rich in Vitamin C. Consuming lemon juice daily is not advisable for a person with Candida as it is loaded with sugar. Dried fruits should also be restricted as they use extra sugar while drying the fruit.
  • Extra sugar is used as a preservative in canned fruits, so stay away from them. Instead of using canned fruits, simply cut apples and citrus to get a delicious bowl of salad. Adding different berries to the salad makes it tasty and you would not get bored with it.
  • In case your have severe Candida infection, it is recommended to avoid fruits completely. Stop consuming fruits slowly, initially exclude berries and apples from the diet followed by citrus fruits. Take a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice per day. Still the infection is severe, stop taking avocado.

There are many benefits associated with Candida diet, it not only curtails the yeast over growth but also minimizes other unpleasant effects like fatigue, nausea, headaches that are called “herxheimer reaction”. Above are some of the fruits allowed on Candida diet, include them in your diet and avoid other fruits that contain lot of sugar.

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Which Fruits Are Allowed On A Candida Diet