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How to Lose Weight With Spelt Flour?

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Spelt is a wild variety of grain more akin to wheat, barley, and oat category of cereals. Out of many nutritional facts credited to spelt, one of the wonderful benefits rendered by it is weight loss. Being on spelt diet for constant number of days, can be rewarding for people struggling to lose weight and reducing their portions size. Spelt is high in iron, fibers, and several other nutrients necessary for proper bodily functions. It serves around 120 to 150 calories if taken in moderation.



Wheat flours or white flours, which we eat may make us allergy prone and is not acknowledged by allergy prone people. Experts recommend spelt flour to be substituted for wheat flour, as it is completely safe for those who are gluten allergic. Spelt helps extensively in losing weight. Here go some simple and effective tips on how to lose weight with spelt.

Include spelt in your daily brunch

Spelt can be included in brunch to make your breakfast simple, and nutritious. Spelt bread or toast can be taken with warm glass of milk. Also, you can enjoy combinational varieties of spelt foods with egg boiled or some fruits. You can make delicious sandwiches stuffed with baked potatoes, green pod peas, or saucy flavor of tomatoes. Your kids will love to have this in their lunch box as well.

Spelt flour with honey dribble

To make spelt flour a bit heavy in calories, you can dribble some honey while making dough of spelt, and make bread of it. A moderate amount of honey is great to boost the nutrition dose of your food. As spelt is very high in vitamins, especially vitamin B, and B12, they get enhanced in their activity if adjoined with vitamins of honey. You can always have it in moderation.

Chicken tucked with spelt

Spelt can go well with fatless, lean chicken varieties. Make spelt flour, and prepare chicken stuffing’s of your choice. Enjoy this season with truly yummy chicken wings and spelt flavor. You can also grill chicken and add some curd to it for different taste with spelt bread.

Curd savory with spelt

You will win echoing applause from your kin and friends if make them eat the chapattis made with blend of spelt flour and curd. Add some salt to this and bake them to get relishing taste of spelt. This recipe in particular helps a lot in lowering cholesterol and reducing weight.

Spelt provides you with optimum dose of zinc, phosphorus, and huge ounces of fiber. This helps in complex digestion procedure and thus keeps your hunger pangs at bay for long time. Enjoy spelt and spread the word of nutrition to world!

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How To Lose Weight With Spelt Flour?