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What Herbs & Vitamins Aid Against Alcoholism

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Alcoholism has been the bane of many. However not all is lost as scientific evidence points out that both herbs & vitamins aid against alcoholism. The alcohol addicts have been observed to neglect their nutrition stuffing themselves up with unhealthy fat and sugars instead. The National Institute of Health in the USA has tried to pitch vitamins against alcoholism with satisfactory results.


But how do we get to know what herbs & vitamins aid against alcoholism? Let us check out a few facts for ourselves.


Herbs against alcoholism


  • A number of herbs aid against alcoholism. Milk thistle for instance, can go a long way in negating the deadly effects of alcoholism say the scholars associated with the University of Michigan Health System. Kudzu, on the other hand, can help to reduce the craving for alcohol thereby providing the body with an opportunity to recover.




  • Acorus is considered a magic herb which helps the patients to recover from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Wormwood is considered to be one of the most effective herbs that counter alcoholism and break down the toxins accumulated in the liver.



  • Reishi, the good old Chinese herb has proved to very effective in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver. It helps in the detoxification of the body too and most medicos count Reishi among the useful herbs & vitamins that aid against alcoholism.


  • Aloe Vera, the multifunctional herb boosts up the liver functions thereby aiding the body to combat alcoholism. It is considered as one of the most useful herbs against alcoholism.


Vitamins against alcoholism


  • Both the Universities of Mississippi as well as the Michigan Health System recommended the intake of Vitamin B6, Niacin, and Vitamin A & E in order to overcome the anxiety associated with alcoholism.


  • Vitamin A and Thiamine deficiencies are the health factors that cause concern especially when the person concerned is an alcoholic. Brain disorders along with liver dysfunction are common occurrences among the alcoholics who do not include nutritious vitamin rich foods in their daily diets. However, high doses of Vitamin A supplements might impair the liver function further making it imperative to consult a doctor when it concerns the treatment for alcoholism.


  • Apart from the recommended supplements, it is a good idea to include some of the vitamin rich food in the diet. Meat, poultry, whole grain, eggs, and milk help in enhancing the Vitamin B in the body whereas the citrus foods and green, leafy vegetables help in replenishing the lost vitamin C sources. Avocados, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes are Vitamin E sources while the oily sea fishes provide the body with the much needed Omega-3 fatty acids.


The intoxicating effects of alcohol do more harm than make you temporarily heady. It is essential to build up the defenses of your body and combat this dreaded habit. It is also mandatory to consult a health professional before you try self treatment by reading up that herbs & vitamins aid against alcoholism.


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What Herbs & Vitamins Aid Against Alcoholism