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Diet Secrets Of Holby City'S Donna Jackson Revealed

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Holby City’s Donna Jackson reveals her diet secrets along with her co-star Phoebe Thomas. Celebrities are always concerned about their diet, especially female celebrities watch each and every calorie they consume. Though Holby City’s Donna Jackson is quite happy with her size 12 body, she likes to lose weight. So here's a peek into her secrets.


According to her, though many men prefer skinny women, the few who loves curves will like her. She adds that she admires her curves. She further reveals that her physique irrespective of the size being 8 or 14, she has hips and boobs. She is not worrying too much about her body and feels proud about her legs and shapely bottom.

In the Closer magazine you can find diet secrets of Donna Jackson where she has declared that she consumes lot of vegetables and fruits. Holby City’s Donna Jackson's diet secrets are simple. Cereal with Soya milk followed by black coffee is her morning diet. Mid-morning diet includes cereal bar and prawn salad or soup. In the afternoon she takes malt loaf and Jaffa cakes.  Though she takes a healthy diet in the day, for dinner she cooks bacon or curries and feta cheese pie that are very high in fat.

Her diet does not end with this. She prepares desserts such as ice cream with espresso coffee. She also has cup-cakes once a week. These tasty treats are also part of her diet. One of the main reasons of her weigh reduction includes regular work out. Thrice a week she does cardio vascular work out along with hatha and ashtanga yoga.

Holby City’s Donna Jackson diet does not seem to be too regimented but her regular work out and healthy diet in the day helps her to shed those extra pounds and still look curvacious.


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Diet Secrets Of Holby City'S Donna Jackson Revealed