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Best Foods To Eat On A Low Glycemic Diet

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Following the glycemic index is important to monitor the sugar levels in the body. A low glycemic diet is mostly recommended to people suffering from diabetes. A low glycemic diet helps in shedding those extra pounds. The food for glycemic diet benefits the body by stabilizing the sugar levels.

A careful selection of food for glycemic diet should be done, as all the foods are not low in calories. Here are some of the healthy options of food for glycemic diet.

Kidney beans- Kidney beans are a healthy source of proteins and amino acids in the body. They are also the food for glycemic diet. These beans are rich in soluble fiber which monitors the blood glucose absorption from the body. The process includes the formation of a gel like substance which slows down the carbohydrate metabolism in the body and thereby controls the rise of sugar levels post meals and also throughout the day.

Broccoli- Broccoli is yet another important food for glycemic diet. This vegetable is a rich source of fiber and there are no sugars present in it; these two factors make broccoli a low glycemic diet food. Broccolis can be relished in many ways. It can be used as an ingredient in vegetable recipes or can be used in a soup preparation.

Apples- The rating of apples on Glycemic index is low and thus they make a perfect food choice for glycemic diet. The pectin present in apples provides the body with galacturonic acid which helps to manage the blood sugar levels in the body. Apples are also a part of low glycemic diet as they help immensely in weight reduction.

Grape fruit- The glycemic index of grape fruits is 25 and thus it is recommended in low glycemic diet. A good source of vitamins and minerals, grapefruit is low in calories. One can include this in a regular diet by eating this tasty fruit at any time of the day.

Whole grain bread- Whole grain bread is also a good option for glycemic diet. The bread keeps the tummy full thus avoiding hunger pangs. Low GI bread also controls the blood sugar levels. Whole grain bread is rich in fiber which prevents constipation and in controlling cholesterol. There are many interesting ways to eat whole grain bread. Sandwiches, toast, rolls and many more….

These low glycemic diet foods benefit the body by maintaining the sugar levels. They are very important for the body as they prevent heart diseases, maintain cholesterol and also help in reducing and maintaining an ideal body  weight.


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Best Foods To Eat On A Low Glycemic Diet