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What Is The Role Of Fiber In Our Diet

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Fiber Rich Food

The role of fiber for the proper functioning of our body is well known. Though they are not digested in our system, they seem to activate our bowel movements and provide roughage to our system. It is too complex to be digested by our digestive system . They are in two forms - Insoluble fibers and soluble fibers. Basically they are complex carb, but very good to our system. Lets look some of the role of fiber in helping our body.

Most of the fibers can be found in legumes, pulses family, vegetables or cereals. They provide a mix of both soluble and insoluble fibers. Major function of fibers come into play when excess body wastes and toxins in the form of undigested food by products, are flushed out by these roughage. As excess nutrients are harmful to our body and interfere with our equilibrium , fibers help in maintaining overall balance in our body.

Moreover, increased intake of fiber results in lowering down of blood cholesterol level. It helps in keeping high blood pressure at bay and is very much recommended for patients with obesity and high blood pressure.

The role of fiber as dietary proteins is also an acknowledged fact. They supply our body with necessary building blocks which we generally don’t consume.

More over those who are health conscious are supposed to intake loads of fruits and begetables to make up for proteins and fibers.

Fibers healp in prevention of colon cancer and rectal cancer. It is very good for heart patients.

Therefore intake of fibers must be increased in your diet to harness all the beneficial aspects of fibers which has loads to offer you a good healthy life. Best fiber containing foods are, legumes, nuts, whole grain cereals, beans , sprouts, spinach, sage and many many more. Fibers hardly have any side defects and also stops your cravings for fat rich diets.

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What Is The Role Of Fiber In Our Diet