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How To Hide Fiber In Food Without Letting Anybody Know

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Here are reasons why you should hide fiber in food and tips to include is essential nutrient in your daily diet. 

Fiber is a crucial component required for a healthy digestive system. Fiber is capable of keeping the intestines clean and enhances the performance of the digestive system. Foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes and beans are rich in fiber. 

Some of the other benefits of fiber are, lower blood cholesterol levels, blood sugar control and weight loss. 

As per the calculations of the Mayo Clinic, a medical research centre, women should consume around 25 grams of fiber a day where as men should have approximately 35 grams a day. Children should consume their "age plus 5" grams of fiber per day, which means that  a six year old should consume about 11 grams of fiber, daily.

But truth is that we don’t see fiber as a best alternative for many unhealthy foods we eat. Especially kids, who dont like food high in fiber. The best option of consuming fiber through our food is hiding fiber in food. 

Here are a few tips on how to hide fiber in food; 

To hide fiber in food, you can add a cup of kidney or pinto beans to your favorite chili recipe and if you want to double the amount of fiber, add a half cup of ground oatmeal to the mixture. This is the best way of hiding fiber in food.   

Go for whole-grain bread instead of the usual milk bread. Whole grains are rich in fiber and should be included in your diet. 

One of the best ways of hiding fiber in food is by substituting white rice or traditional pastas with brown rice or whole-grain pasta. 

Adding flaxseed to the breading recipes for chicken breasts, chicken nuggets or fish is another way of hiding fiber in food. 

To hide fiber in food you can prepare oat bran muffins using raisins and cranberries instead of the typical butter sponge cupcakes and muffins that are high in sugar and fat but low in fiber. Making small variations to the ingredient list can add fiber to unhealthy foods like muffins, making them a healthy treat. 

Microwaved popcorn is rich in fiber so you can have a small bag of popcorn as a snack in the afternoon or evening. 

Another interesting way of hiding fiber in food is by blending bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and yogurt to prepare a fiber-rich banana-berry smoothie. 

You can also hide fiber in food by adding a half cup of pureed carrots to your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe or by adding a half cup of  pureed bananas to your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe. 

Always remember that water is very important for a the healthy body, and more so while consuming a diet high in fiber. 

Adopt the above ways of hiding fiber in food and your body is sure to thank you in more than one way. 

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How To Hide Fiber In Food Without Letting Anybody Know