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How To Organize A Diet Dinner Party For Friends In A Restaurant?

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Diet RecipeParties are one the best ways to socialize with your friends and family, and are a good way to spend your leisure for fun. Many party geeks organize party for no reason, just for the sake of having a party. In order, to encourage your more diet conscious friends attend your party, then organize a diet dinner party for friends, and do not stop there, you will also find here some of the tips to choose a menu for a diet dinner party in restaurants.

SaladsFollow these simple tips and ways to organize and order menus while you organize a diet dinner party for your friends in a restaurant.


  1. Start with a drink. Order for a low calorie drink before you begin your meal, like a cup of water sparkling water, which is garnished with a simple flavor of lime or lemon.  This is a better option than the calorie rich wine, though is loaded with heaps of antioxidants, is not good for the high calorie coming from the fermented grapes.
  2. Low calorie appetizers:You will find yourself that there are a number of appetizers that you can rely on one of those low fat appetizers like boiled raw and crisp veggies that is dressed in vinegar or lemon and pepper.Yet other tempting appetizer will include a good salad that is prepared well with a number of assorted veggies with a few olives and cheese toppings are one of the best.  Some of the best salad combinations that will not hit on your diet plan are citrus and black bean salad, which can also include the nutritious orange, grapefruit, red onions and avocado.Soups are one of the best alternative diet binding appetizers that you cannot live without.

  3. Main Course:If you are dieting but still can lean on lean meat then there are number of options for both non-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan meals that you can rely on for a diet dinner party in a restaurant. Some of the various tongue tingling foods that you can choose from there are as follows:  Sticky chicken is a very good lean meat that has flavors dressing up the chicken with herbs and spices, but will still be low in sodium and fat. Some of the other main course dishes that you can order in a restaurant will include green bean sauté, steak or grilled and roasted chicken flavored with spices and herbs like rosemary are better alternatives. Opting in for pureed dishes like squash, sweet potato or turnip dish is a better option for calories than white rice and/or potatoes.
  4. Dessert: One of the best ways to organize a calorie efficient diet will include ordering for simple cakes like the Angel food cake and berries topped with low fat whipped cream, and fruit salads in sugar syrup are some of the best alternatives to the regular calorie rich desserts. Now is that you can enjoy your four course meal, without crossing the boundaries of your daily calorie limit. If this is in your culture to serve your guests with chocolate, a piece of chocolate is much better than a big or a small piece of chocolate cake.

Overall, here you know how to organize a diet dinner party for your friends in a restaurant!

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How To Organize A Diet Dinner Party For Friends In A Restaurant?