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Top 10 Herbal Weight Loss Pills That Dont Work

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According to latest studies 90% of herbal weight loss pills are ineffective to reduce body weight. This list of top 10 herbal weight loss pills that don’t work will be certainly helpful to increase your awareness in this respect.


1.       Coconut Oil Pills – This herbal weight loss remedy is claimed to be quite effective as coconut oil helps to boost up the metabolism process. However, no such result has been proved through scientific researches investigating this claim.


2.       Apple Cider Vinegar Pills – Apple cider vinegar is another entry in the list of weight loss pills that don’t work. Many people think that consuming this pill before meal can reduce appetite and help in burning extra fat. However, being extremely acidic in nature, it is not safe for consuming as it could affect your digestive tract.


3.       Caffeine Pills – Many of us have a wrong idea that consuming more caffeine will reduce our appetite and increase the rate of calorie burning, by which we can enjoy reduced body weight. But, this is not a proven fact. Even if it works as an appetite blocker and calorie burner, the effect is not sufficient for burning body fat. Moreover, excessive caffeine intake can cause harm to your body.


4.       Hoodia Pills – Hoodia is an herb from Africa, which is known to have weight loss effects. According to tribal report this plant is used to control hunger when the tribal people go for long hunts. But, scientifically it has not been proved as yet. It is also not approved by FDA, as this is one of the weight loss pills that don’t work.


5.       Bitter Oran 543159-bitter-orange-pills-may-have-adverse-effect-on-your-body.6a00d8341d4c5e53ef0147e1c214be970b-800wige Pills – Although certain studies with Bitter Orange claims that it has power to reduce body weight, but this can be possible only if it is associated with proper diet and exercise. So, you cannot say that the loss of weight is the sole effect of Bitter Orange. On the other hand, it has been identified as unsafe for its stimulant property, as it can increase the blood pressure or heart rate.


6.       Dandelion Pills – The herb dandelion is known for its diuretic property. Many times it is suggested to use to reduce the water retention in your body. However, there is no scientific evidence that these herbal weight loss pills can really be effective in this respect. Also, taking these pills will not solve the medical condition for water retention.


7.       Chitosan Pills – It will be a better decision not to waste your money for buying chitosan. Chitosan is a fiber collected from shellfish, which can be effective in reducing the bad cholesterol level. However, it cannot be considered as a fat blocker, as per the scientific studies.


8.       Country Mallow Pills – These are among the various weight loss pills which don’t work successfully. This herbal ingredient contains ephedra, which can increase blood pressure or heart rate and can even lead to stroke. It is also not recommended by FDA.


9.       Guar Gum Pills – Although it is comparatively safe for consuming, but there is no scientific research to support the effect on weight loss. Also, excessive consumption of guar gum may lead to diarrhea.


10.   Green Tea Pills – Green Tea extract has several proven health benefits, however scientific studies have not confirmed this as a remedy for obesity. In fact, FDA could not find sufficient evidences to prescribe this herbal product. On top of that, scientific reports claim this to have inductive effect for vomiting.


So, considering all the above factors, it will be better to go for prescribed weight loss pills instead of over-the-counter herbal weight loss pills.  


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Top 10 Herbal Weight Loss Pills That Dont Work