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Tips To Stay Committed To Your Weight Loss Plan


There is bound to be a weight loss plan before every major occassion like New Years or a Birthday or wedding and just about a month after is when people start losing will power  and control. Here are a few tips to stay committed to your weight loss plan.

Exercise Regimen: Please remember that you are on a weight loss plan and not on a muscle building plan. These two are quite different. Only once you lose extra fat can the muscles surface to visibility and then you can begin shaping and toning them up. So you don’t have to follow exercise schedules that ask you to work out only 3-4 times a day etc. as the muscles need rest. There’s nothing wrong in working out all seven days of the week. How is this easier you may ask? Believe me man is also a creature of habit. Jog or cycle or swim for a week at exactly the same time everyday and see how you fall into the groove. The 10th day at the latest you will feel uneasy if you don’t start your work out at that time. Another thing that makes this easier is that, since you are doing it all seven days of the week, the intensity and duration can be low. Thirty minutes a day of intense cardio is enough. Intensity and some sort of exertion is important. A stroll in the park won’t suffice. This of course also means you have to make sure you pick a time of the day that will be available to you all seven days.


Day Person or Night Person: Don’t be disappointed if you are finding it absolutely impossible to wake up at 6am and exercise even after two weeks. Studies have proven that peoples circadian rhythms (bodily day-night cycles) are quite variable. In simple words there are morning people, afternoon people and evening people and yes even night people!! If you are absolutely unmotivated to exercise at a time that you have been made to think is the ideal time then just shift the slot. You are probably an evening person. This means your body and mind are the most fresh at that time of the day. By respecting this cycle of your body you will find out that you are able to work out more in the same period of time.


Cravings: Down to the basics. There are really only four tastes: bitter, salty, sour and sweet, the rest that you crave is really only smell. Once you have this fact down you will be happy to apply the following technique to overcome cravings. Keep handy at all times three eats that have essentially one of the basic tastes each in a concentrated form. An exemplary combination would be boiled sugar toffees, extra sour lollipop and salt water taffy. When you crave something sweet pop one of the boiled sugar candies. It is such a sweet excess you’ll probably want to drink some water over it and voila you’ll find your craving gone. You might argue that the boiled sugar candy adds calories. Well would you then rather actually go and get yourself the double scoop chocolate chip sundae instead?


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Tips To Stay Committed To Your Weight Loss Plan