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How to Plan Black Swan Diet

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So, you are a die-hard Natalie Portman fan and now you want to follow in her footsteps and slip into the much talked about black swan diet too? Or is it that you are hearing a lot these days about the actress who shed off kilos with the black swan diet for her Black Swan movie and now is possibly on the road to win an Oscar? Whatsoever the reason, the basic thing is that you would love to learn something more about this much hyped Natalie Portman diet so that you can also use some of the information for your personal use maybe or just use it for H.H.G.K i.e. Health cum Hollywood G.K!


Basics of black swan diet


Now, let me maneuver the floodlights and focus on the basics of the black swan diet plan. To begin with, let me warn you that the black swan diet is not for any faint hearted as it is an extreme diet, which not only focuses on odd heating habits to achieve a quick and a massive weight loss but also includes rigorous exercise in combination to dieting to be a complete success.


If you have seen Natalie’s Black Swan pictures, then you must have noticed her fragile and delicate frame which was an essential factor to bring alive a ballerina look and even though she succeeded enormously in getting into that incredible shape and manage the best of award nominations for her role playing, it is not much recommended for anyone who wishes to lose weight in a healthy way. The black swan diet is mostly about giving up on a great deal of foods with severe restriction on calorie intake.


On the other hand, the black swan diet plan makes you quite dependent on cigarettes and coffees as they are quick weight loss stimulators. No wonder, the actress managed to put off 20 pounds with such an extreme diet combined with grueling 16 hours a day workout! So, if you are planning for the black swan diet, get ready to satiate your hunger with a handful of grapes for breakfast and dinner and a lunch comprising of a small salad portion with some nuts and fruits and a starving stomach in the evening!


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How To Plan Black Swan Diet