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A Low Cholesterol Diet Is The Need Of The Hour For Americans

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The need of the hour for Americans is to follow a low cholesterol diet. The inclusion of a low cholesterol diet can help the Americans to redcue the pace of the rising risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol. According to CDC , heart disease is the number one killer in the US. Each year more than a million are affected by heart diseases. And half a million succumb to the disease.

The CDC report mentions that the US health care system should not be blamed for not controlling the risks associated with heart disease. The report said more than 80 per cent people in the country had either high blood pressure levels or bad cholesterol levels. CDC Director Thomas Freidman said the US had low cost and highly effective treatments to control cardio vascular diseases. But the country was failing to prevent death caused due to the disease.

Earlier, the American Heart Association said the US costs of heart disease in the United States would triple to more than $800 billion a year by 2030.

The CDC said proper diet and exercise or a low cholesterol diet can prevent heart disease. There was medication available to control both blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.

The CDC figures for bad cholesterol levels was more alarming that for that of blood pressure levels.

 High cholesterol levels in blood will clog the arteries. This over a period of time is called ‘hardening of the arteries’. This obstructs the blood flow to the heart and the oxygen reaching the heart is restricted. This leads to heart disease.

The main risk of the heart is from LDL or bad cholesterol. It is the main cause of creating blocks in the arteries. Another type of cholesterol called the HDL or good cholesterol prevents these blocks in the arteries. Triglycerides are fat in the body. For a healthy heart have lower levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

A diet recommended by the American Heart Association is to limit the daily intake of fat between 25 and 35 percent, saturated fat to less than 7 percent and trans fat less than one per cent of the daily calories. Trans fat is a rising risk for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

One should limit the cholesterol food to less than 300 mg per day. A low cholesterol diet should consist of vegetables and fruits that provide fiber. Control weight and have at least 30 minutes of physical activity.

There are certain factors such as genetic, age and heredity which can have an effect on the heart.

Therefore, with figures suggesting a surge in more incidences of heart disease, it is better to follow a low cholesterol diet. 

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A Low Cholesterol Diet Is The Need Of The Hour For Americans