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A Sneak Peek At The New Dietary Guidelines For Americans

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The dietary guidelines for Americans have been published on a regular basis since 1980. The Department of Agriculture along with the Department of Health and Human Services are jointly responsible for informing the public about the dietary guidelines for Americans for a particular year. These are guidelines that go a long way in promoting general health and keeping life threatening chronic diseases at bay. The RDA for Americans or the Recommended Dietary Allowances had been formulated for the very first time during the tenure of President Franklin Roosevelt in 1941. RDA for Americans helped the people to learn about the essential nutrients required for our body along with the requisite amount of calories for keeping healthy. A long awaited document is about to be published for the current year. Let us take a sneak peek at the new dietary guidelines for Americans.


The dietary guidelines for Americans for 2010 are based on the facts uncovered by the federal authorities and aim to address the alarming increasing in obesity and overweight problems via suitable RDA for Americans which includes a nutritious diet and heightened physical activity.


With statistics placing more than two-thirds of the American population in the overweight category, the 7th edition of the dietary guidelines for Americans focuses on reducing calories by cutting out excess fat and carbohydrates from the diet. It also stresses on the importance of physical exercise in order to remain healthy.


Secretary Vilsack commented on the timely publication of the dietary guidelines for Americans which will address the problem that plagues the nation. Most of the Americans need to trim their bulging waistlines in order to cut down the risk of diet based chronic diseases, he said.


The 2010 dietary guidelines for Americans recommends the consumption of whole grains, fruits and vegetables instead of trans fat rich food stuffs and harmful additives.


The guideline has 23 recommendations for the general public and 6 primary ones for specific groups like pregnant women. Incorporating the dietary guidelines for Americans into the daily regimen is important as it will help the Americans to live a long and disease free life confirmed Sebelius, the HHS secretary.

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A Sneak Peek At The New Dietary Guidelines For Americans