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Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Teenagers

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Coming up with healthy breakfast ideas for teenagers is a tough job for mothers. Teenagers nowadays are very choosy and one has to be very careful when deciding on breakfast ideas for them. Many things need to be kept in mind while deciding healthy breakfast ideas for teens. The breakfast can only be referred to as healthy when there is an equal balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat in it. As teenagers get busy with activities throughout the day it becomes difficult for them to concentrate on what they are eating. Breakfast being the main and the most important meal of the day has to be healthy and filling.



Some healthy breakfast ideas:

  • Milk is something which is very healthy and contains a number of nutrients. So it is a good option to add it to the list of breakfast ideas for teens. You can add a number of ingredients with milk and turn this into a complete meal. Milk and cereals are a great combination. Add any kind of cereal you children like with milk and you can create a wholesome meal. Add varieties of fruits and nuts to this bowl of wholesome goodness and you have got one healthy breakfast ideas for your child.
  • If your teen is not very happy to have milk early in the morning then give him/her a glass of fresh juice. You can make it at home with any kind of fruits or vegetables or even you can mix fruits and vegetables and create some healthy breakfast ideas. Serve this juice along with a bowl of fruits. Make it colourful and interesting so that your children start loving them.
  • Nowadays many teenagers are not happy with milk, cereal and fruits as healthy breakfast ideas. In this case give them something with bread. Breakfast ideas for teens with bread are many. You can either give your children toast along with eggs. Making a nice healthy sandwich with vegetables, egg and cheese will also be adored by your kid. If your children like peanut butter, you can spread it nicely on their toast and also this can be used in their sandwich for a crunchy feeling.
  • Smoothies are also great as healthy breakfast ideas. If your child does not have time to sit and eat a wholesome breakfast, give them a glass of smoothie. Add any fruits that your child likes, pour in some honey and also add some nuts. These along with the yoghurt can make a great, tasty and nutritious breakfast.


It is difficult to get lots of breakfast ideas for teens but try out the ones given above and you are sure to make it a habit for your children not to miss breakfast. Experiment with new recipes and present the food in a colourful way – your kids will surely love it.

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Teenagers