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How To Plan A Meal With Whole Grains


Meal with whole grains is now taking a front seat, as it is being slowly embraced by the health freaks leaving behind the less carb diets.Starting the day with a meal with whole grain gives a good and a healthy beginning. Getting yourself accustomed to eating with whole grains in your diet generates energy inside your body.

Whole grains are actually seeds of plants that contain fibres and complex carbohydrates. There is a common misconception that eating with whole grains is boring, to some even tasteless. But with a good recipe a meal with whole grains can be made as good as its health benefits. You can make your meal with whole grains interesting and tasty by adding fruits, yoghurts and fresh vegetables to them. An interesting meal with whole grains can contain corn, brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats, barley, bulgur, whole wheat pasta and rye. There are different types of breads available in the market that contains one or the other of these as one of the ingredients. Including such breads in your diet is a healthy idea.

If you have decided to make eating with whole grainsa part of your every day diet then here are your options:

Breakfast: Whole grain pancakes, whole grain bagels, whole grain ready to eat cereals, whole grain honey puffs, whole grain muffins, oatmeal with milk, whole grain raisin roast.

Lunch: Barley soup with vegetables, whole grain pita bread with veg/non-veg stuffing, whole grain bread with veg/non-veg stuffing, whole grain sandwiches.

Snack: Popcorn, oatmeal cookies, whole grain chips, whole grain crackers, whole grain cereal bars.

Dinner: Brown rice with vegetable stir fry, whole grain pasta, pizza on whole grain pizza bread, whole grain pasta with pesto sauce and vegetables.

If you are little creative with food and love to experiment as well then you can create your own numerous recipes consisting of whole gain breads and cereals as a base. Having a regular meal with whole grains has shown considerable reduction in cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood coagulation in people. This in turn has reduced the risk of heart diseases in many.  Eating with whole grains has also shown reduction in the risk of many types of cancers. Studies show that if you have a meal with whole grains then you are likely to loose weight and become healthier.

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How To Plan A Meal With Whole Grains