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Cure Skin Cancer With Common Garden Weed

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Believe it or not! Scientists have come up with a major medical breakthrough in which they claim to Cure Skin Cancer With Common Garden Weed. Since centuries, people have been using this plant as a traditional folk medicine for several cancer treatments.

Garden weed cures skin cancer: A latest study by Australian scientists showed that application of common garden weed’s sap could cure skin cancer of certain types if applied on skin. The common garden weed also called Euphorbia peplus apparently works on non-melanoma skin cancers, which are considered not so deadly, but can be deformed if left without treatment. Hence patients, who were declared unfit due to age factor and whose surgery was not successful, were used in the test.

Study: In the first such clinical study, the scientists carried out tests on some 36 patients with three different types of cancers - basal cell carcinomas (BCC), squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) and intraepidermal carcinomas (IEC). An oncologist applied sap of common garden weed on these patients, who had a total of 48 non-melanoma lesions on the outer layer of their skin. The application was done with a cotton bud once a day for three days.

Result: Just a month later, scientists found that the sap had killed nearly 90 percent of the 48 cancers in the patients. Those who were left with some of non-melanoma lesions were given a second round of treatment. The result showed low side effects as only one patient faced severe pain but for short term only. Some 14 percent reported moderate pain, while 43 percent did not complain of any sort of pain at all. After the treatment, most of the patients’ skin showed good cosmetic appearance.

Common garden weed can be harmful: Several researchers from Brisbane’s medical institutions said ingenol mebutate, an active ingredient, which previously proved to have destroyed tumor cells, played the key role in killing cancer cells. However, British scientists stressed on the need of further research and warned people of using common garden weed sap at home because it is harmful to the eyes as well as for consumption.

Nearly 90 percent of 76,500 people face non-melanoma skin cancer in Britain due to ultraviolet light exposure. Body parts like ears, neck, back of hands and head are the most affected areas because of their direct exposure to sun. British Association of Dermatologists’ Kimberley Carter said if research at small scale was so interesting, he would be keen to see what larger studies would unearth. Click here to know more about natural cures of cancer.

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Cure Skin Cancer With Common Garden Weed