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A Sneak Peek At Brown Fat Revolution Diet

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A discovery was made in the area of fitness and health. As per the brown fat revolution diet program, there are two types of fat. The brown or the good fat that will make a person look younger and nice, and the other, the yellow fat, which makes people look fat and old and flabby. This was a discovery made by James Lyons, who is a Connecticut based plastic surgeon.


What the brown fat revolution diet suggests

Plainly put the brown fat revolution diet review suggests that, all the extra calories which we call body fat, makes the yellow fat. Brown fat is found in smaller quantities in the human body and it generates heat and burns calories. It has been proved that children and babies have more of this brown fat than yellow fat, which makes it easier for them to loose weight, when compared to older people.


So basically, the brown fat revolution is not a weight loss diet program, instead it is a plan that has been drafted to help people increase their body metabolism and get rid of the yellow fat, while replacing it with the brown healthy fat.


From The Doc's Mouth

"Being a plastic surgeon, I have spent years looking at fat under people's skin and I have seen how diet and exercise can internally change your fat and rejuvenate your appearance. This can also help you in the process of weight loss," says Lyons about the brown fat revolution diet.


His book is aimed at women and in the same he suggests a diet plan for four-week which can alternates high-carb and high-protein days. The book also suggests about 20 minutes of daily exercise, which will focus on strengthening the body's core muscles.


The Brown Fat Revolution diet is predominantly for women who prefer to age gracefully, minus all plastic surgeries. The book suggests that women in their middle ages, who are stuck with the need to loose weight will benefit from the brown fat revolution diet review. So if you are looking for an exercise plan, then this brown fat revolution diet and exercise plan might be a great idea.


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A Sneak Peek At Brown Fat Revolution Diet