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The Incredible Benefits of Whey Protein

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So I decided to let everyone in on a little are what you eat. As of 2008 two-thirds of the US population is overweight. To be completely honest, when I look around, people are typically stressed, overworked, and entitled. But if you stop and take a close look at how the typical American eats, you will find the insane portion sizes loaded with empty carbohydrates and sugar. Yet at any given time 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men are on a diet, seeking the quick fix, instant gratification approach to their health. This simply does not work. But let me tell you what does...

Protein. There I said it, protein. I'm not talking Atkins diet craziness, South Beach or the latest diet craze, just straight protein, nothing more nothing less. I've always maintained a pretty healthy weight all my life, but could not believe the difference that protein has had on my diet. Now I don't mean everyone go out and turn into a bodybuilder and eat 6 chicken breasts a day- but what I will tell you is that if you are not currently taking a protein supplement- now is the time to listen up.

As a female I never considered taking whey protein because I always thought it was for bodybuilders. But what I learned in the last year is that whey protein is essential to build lean muscle which boosts your metabolism which ultimately ends up burning fat. Whey is a by-product from cheese manufacturing that used to be thrown away as a by-product for years until someone realized that this is a great source of protein that has been processed to essentially remove all the fat.

There are several protein supplement brands out there, but what I will tell you is that when I started taking a protein shake for breakfast, not changing anything else about my diet or exercise regime, I immediately began to feel an improved energy level and started to feel less hungry (and believe me I can snack). Protein is full of amino acids that fight diseases, boost metabolism, and might I mention tastes like milkshakes only good for you! (My personal favorite is Muscle Gauge Nutrition's Pure Isolate in Cake Batter). I will post before and after pictures of what I can attribute soley to my change in diet by adding a protein supplement to my diet.

So what I'm saying is, even if you have zero ambition to be Victoria's Secret lean, do your health a huge favor and start supplementing your diet with protein. Even if you are taking in the same numnber of calories per day, but start shifting more of those calories to protein, you will see and feel the difference. Who knows, you may even start to develop new healthy eating habits after all.

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The Incredible Benefits Of Whey Protein