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Diabeteze - An Energy Bar For Diabetics Launched

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DiabetEZE is an energy bar designed exclusively for diabetic patients but good for everyone. Innova nutrients when launched DiabetEZE stated that this product would stand out from other energy bars in the market as it contains less sugar and taste good. Want to know more about the product?

DiabetEZE- a healthy bar

  • Dr. Rick Posmantur, Vice president and co founder of Innova Nutrition says DiabetEZE contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins, though designed for diabetics, it acts as an excellent protein bar for everyone. Posmantur being a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist always wanted to produce excellent tasting bar using natural ingredients that can not only consumed by diabetics but everyone.
  • Innova nutrients say that DiabetEZE is the best energy bar for diabetics as it consist 10 grams of protein, 4 grams of sugar and 5 grams of fiber with 19 vitamins and minerals in most absorbable form. When compared to other energy bar for diabetics, DiabetEZE contains balanced ratio of carbohydrate and protein. It tastes like a yummy candy, loaded with nutrients it is a healthy bar to consume.
  • Though high nutrient energy bar for diabetics is found in the market; they lack taste and not much liked by many. Posmantur was very specific about the taste so before developing DiabetEZE, extensive experiment with various chocolates was carried out. As a result a wonderful tasty energy bar for diabetics was found that can used as a meal replacement or dessert or a snack between meals.
  • When DiabetEZE was tested in stores; received a good response and the sales exceeded the other leading energy bar for diabetics. Further DiabetEZE team is trying to spread the message about the bar through national pharmacy chains, diabetic’s educators and diabetic product distributors. Now the news about the healthy DiabetEZE bar is spreading everywhere.

 People who taste the DiabetEZE comment that it is a fabulous energy bar for diabetics.  They say it taste good and they doesn’t get bored and can consume it everyday. Dieters feel DiabetEZE as the best meal replacement; it helps to reduce weight and is very satisfying. Diabetics and other dieters who love chocolates can now enjoy the delicious DiabetEZE that helps to reduce weight and maintains their blood sugar levels.

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Diabeteze - An Energy Bar For Diabetics Launched