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Diet Drama - The New Diet Book

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Diet Drama Takes away the Fad Dramas 

Diet drama is the new feel Good book by Famous dietician and nutritionist, Nancy Redd after her much acclaimed book, Body Drama. The Diet book isn’t entirely a Food diet fad book, in fact in this book review you will realize that it is nothing like a Diet book, it has a sarcastic tone to the Diets today and that is why it called the Diet Drama!

Breaking away from the typical presentation of wafer thin models and loads of theories on what to eat and what to shun, the Diet Drama diet book, is a breath of fresh air. The tagline for this book is to love your body, move your body. The target audiences for this book are teenage girls, who anyway have self-esteem issues when it comes to looking good. The first thing that the Diet Drama aims to clear all the sham drama of diets from their brains.

By using real life girls, all voluptuous and casual, Nancy Redd does touch the hearts of many girls. The diet book does not go on preaching about what is wrong but asks the girls to develop a healthy attitude towards their bodies and eating. It lets reader to make choices but leaves them with good guidance not just for the tummy tuck but an overall development.

The diet book has positive recommendations from each corner, and is very relate-able to everyday people. The only disappointment might be for those looking for cliché fad diets in this book. It is a good book, taking the mould of fad diets to teach ten times more for loving your bodies.

It has a lot of information on the sweat it out exercises like cardio, stretching and others. The exercises, however, are shown in a manner by which they seem fun and not like ways to kill yourself by twisting and turning!

I would rate it a 4.5/5 anyday. An essential read especially if you keep trying one diet to another…


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Diet Drama - The New Diet Book