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Top 10 Unconventional Diets

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Do Unconventional Diets work?

Sometimes some of the most unconventional diets to lose weight become the only diets that work. Even if for a short time period!  These unconventional diets usually vary from complete starvation to juggling meal plans to making the diet a certain nutrient rich, like a fat rich diet, protein diet, no carbs diet. They all seem to work well, I re-iterate for a short term period; some with side effects, some without. Some of the more successful diets that work are:

  1. Raw Food Diet- This diet focuses on eating foods in their raw form, or in the least cooked form. It is a practical diet, especially if you are a vegan. For, vegetables, the maximum processing it allows it to either make juices or blend them together. Cooking is a big no-no as the nutrients are lost that way.
  2. Negative Calorie Diet- This unconventional diet is a very interesting concept, it looks at foods that when eaten negate the effect of consumption. In simple terms, during this diet, you will consume food that takes a lot of calories to digest it. So, your body works double to burn this food, thereby expending energy.
  3. The Grape diet- When I looked around and asked people about diets that work, I was surprised to even hear something called the Grape Diet, but it works apparently! The diet solely depends upon consumption of Grapes and Water! It can be used as a good detox diet if nothing else. It has been found to be beneficial for diabetics.
  4. Mono-food Diet- This diet focuses on one food type at one time. When we eat a mix of proteins, fibers, starches, the digestive juices released to digest each one is different. Starch requires alkaline, while proteins require acids, when all this gets mixed, the result is disastrous. No good. With this diet, you have only one kind of food at one time, say, proteins for lunch, fiber and starch for dinner, so that the stomach can secrete just the right kind of juices.
  5. The Ice-Cream Diet- Well, if we are looking to find Unconventional diets, we can’t leave behind the Ice cream diet, can we? People who have followed this diet have allegedly lost up to 4 pounds in 6 days? How? Go figure!!
  6. The Caveman Diet- This unconventional diet is often confused with the Raw food diet. But out of all the unconventional diets that work, this one is most practical. It only runs on the concept that you shun fast foods, processed foods; live like only the kitchen in your home exists and there are no Cheese burger joints or Dominoes around.
  7. Sacred Heart Diet- One of the healthy diets that work, this diet lives upon the wonder soup, which is to be taken daily with a difference in side meals.
  8. The 3 hour diet- No, this does not begin to affect in 3 hours!! This diet is very difficult to follow as it preaches that the person looking to lose weight should eat every 3 hours. The portions and meal plans are also provided under this diet. But for those who are working, it is possible that a 3 hour break again and again might be difficult.
  9. Metabolism Diet- This diet is also known as the Scarsdale Diet. It aims to jumpstart your metabolism with a combination of food supplements and exercise.
  10. 17 day Diet- This diet believes in confusing the stomach in the case of digestion and keeping it on its toes! Never thought I would ever say it like this!! In this diet within the period of 17 days, you alter what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat. By constantly changing these factors for 17 days, the metabolic routine never sets in, so the body has to be ever dynamic.

But whatever said and done, even if these are the unconventional diets that work, nothing will work if you don’t work out. Follow any of these as a beginner pack, but continue it with exercise and intelligent eating.

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Top 10 Unconventional Diets