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It is Tapas For Lady Gaga - All The Way

It is Tapas For Lady Gaga - All the Way? Maybe or maybe! But, I'm told that Lady Gaga had a good time at a nice little Tapas bar in West Village, in our good ol' NYC. The thing about Lady Gaga is that she is hard to ignore. I mean, you can like her or loathe her for her audacity but you just can't ignore her. She is one person who can be famous and infamous all at the same time. But then, hey, her music is not that bad. Especially, when it has words like, “I want your everything, as long as it’s free.” Sounds more like the greedy twin in me. Lol, just kidding. Now, this tapas bar is called as Caliu and it is located in the southern end of the Meatpacking district. And it is relatively a new restaurant considering the fact that it opened only in November, last year.


Having said that, Lady Gaga spent a part of her New Year celebrations at Caliu. Apparently, someone had recommended tapas for Lady Gaga, and she ended up at Caliu. Tapas for Lady Gaga was probably one of the many indulgences that night for her. Then again, when it has chef Franco Barrio making the mouth watering dishes like patatas brava (fried potatoes crusted with spicy paprika and drowned in white mayo) and succulent dates wrapped is crispy bacon, who wouldn't indulge? One of the signature Barrio dishes would be the tiny but absolutely scrumpalicious shrimp shish kabobs, served with a variety of dipping sauces. And just like what can be expected out of any good Tapas bar, Caliu has a good selection of cheeses. The critics are giving a thumbs to try the goat's milk cheese known as cana de cabra. Franco Barrio was earlier with Chef Mario Batali's Casa Mono and Boqueria, both New York's much sort after tapas destinations. I can't help, but wonder if Franco Barrio wears bright orange crocs like how Battali does!


It is safe to say that Lady Gaga loves tapas at Caliu because the critics like the food there and no one has said a bad word about it yet. Probably, no one ever will. However, Caliu is yet to get its liqour license, so you can be assured that, as of now, the check will not burn a hole in your purse. With Lady Gaga visiting Caliu, she has put this tapas bar on the map. Tapas for Lady Gaga looks good at the present moment and so shall it be.


I'm also told that Cali is located in a quite spot, making it a perfect first-date restaurant. And for all that you know, you might just bump into Lady Gaga. After all, it so appears that Lady Gaga loves tapas. Tapas for Lady Gaga, all the way!


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It Is Tapas For Lady Gaga - All The Way