Polyphenol Rich Diet To Prevent Cancer And Heart Disease

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Polyphenol rich food reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseaseIf you want to prevent cancer and heart disease, go for  a polyphenol rich diet. According to scientists, polyphenol rich diet has anticancer properties and they are very good for healthy heart. Polyphenols are antioxidants and potent compounds that neutralize the oxidative stress and thus reduce the disease causing free radicals in the body. Therefore scientists recommend polyphenol rich diet to prevent cancer and heart disease. Red wine, green tea, olive oil and many fresh fruits and vegetables like pomegranate, dark grapes, beetroot, and red chicory to name a few are very rich in polyphenols, all of which must be included in the diet to prevent cancer and heart disease.


Polyphenol rich diet has been found to prevent the development of cancer of the stomach, colon, lung, liver, rectum, and pancreas. It has very effective anti-cancer properties as it prevents the proliferation of cancer cells. In case of the heart, polyphenols are found to prevent the deterioration of heart which is generally observed as you grow older. According to the scientists, polyphenol maintains the pumping ability of heart and thus boosts the cardiovascular system and protects the heart from many cardiovascular ailments.


The effectiveness of polyphenol rich diet in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease may be assessed by the fact that the difference in the dose of polyphenol intake has different results. High doses of polyphenol effectively prevent cancer and heart disease. It has been found in research that intake of high doses of polyphenols prevent the formation of new blood cells required for the growth of tumor. On the other hand, the same polyphenol facilitates the growth of blood vessels in the individual having diseased heart. In this way high doses of polyphenols prevent cancer and heart disease. This dose-dependent relationship has made “Mediterranean Diet” that generally includes one glass of red wine or eating fresh fruits and vegetables rich in polyphenols a very popular one among individuals who have the risk of developing cancer and heart disease.


So, if you want to remain miles away from cancer and heart diseases, try to incorporate polyphenol rich food in your diet and ensure healthy life ahead.


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