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Top Diet Pills Off The Australian Shelves

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These days’ many people are using diet pills as weight loss supplements. These top diet pills are commonly available at drug stores, grocery stores and on the internet.

However diet pills can have many side effects and ill effects on health.

So we should be careful before taking diet  pills.

Some of the top imported diet pills which contained banned drug Sibutramine, have been seized by the Food Authority in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. These dangerous diet pills have been the reason for heart problems and deaths.

Sibutramine, that has been sold under the brand names Reductil, Meridia and Sibutrex, is no longer available in the market in many countries like US, UK, Australia and Canada.

However, the NSW Food Authority has found Sibutramine in diet products imported from China. The Food Authority released a list consisting of some specific brands and products that have been recalled.

The list includes chocolate bars, coffees and teas, which are marketed as slimming products.

Steve Whan, minister in Australia released a statement saying, "Everyone is full of good intentions as the year begins but generally if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

If you take special diet products or supplements for weight loss, be sure that they are medically perfect. In this case, the Sibutramine was included in food products with names like "Lose Weight Coffee" - which may sound harmless.

Rather than turning to these dangerous diet pills that claim to help you to lose weight unnaturally fast, you can change your eating habits for the long term. It will save your money, and it can be healthier also.

All these top diet pills are ridiculous fat burners, and these dangerous diet pills take you nowhere. The  best supplement to lose weight is good food habits, self-confidence, consistency, and your faith that you will definitely lose the weight.

Be careful while taking these top diet pills. It is always safer to consult a doctor or nutritionist before you start taking diet pills. 

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Top Diet Pills Off The Australian Shelves