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Does Overeaters Anonymous Work

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I recently came to know about the group called Overeaters Anonymous and wondered how does Overeaters Anonymous Work?

After some research, I came to know more about OA and will share the information with you.

Overeaters Anonymous is a non profit group open to all those who have eating problems or eating disorders. The members of OA are the ones who either have anorexia or bulimics or some other eating problem. These members get the support of each other through discussions and fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous.

While looking for how does Overeaters Anonymous work, I also came to know about a very interesting thing about OA. The group does not focus only on food rather aims to provide emotional support to people with eating disorders. There is no specific diet to be followed as the main stress is not on diet but on plan of eating in Overeaters Anonymous. Also, monthly meetings are held through Internet and telephone to help the OA members.

There are members in Overeaters Anonymous who have lost up to 300 pounds of weight after joining the group.

If you are thinking  whether Overeaters Anonymous will work for you as well, you need to join the group. Talk to the members, share your problems and you will see your weight loss goals being achieved soon.

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Does Overeaters Anonymous Work