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Body For Life Diet Review

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Looking for a quick way to loose weight? Then try Bill Phillips' Body for Life diet program, which is an aggressive 12 week plan. This program promises to transform a person mentally and physically, while helping people reclaim their figures from between the layers of fat.

Positive and Negative Strokes

This exercise regime can sure tone anybody and help them loose the desired weight. The Body For Life review suggests eating small portions of food through out the day, which is sure to keep people from feeling hungry. At the same times, only a dedicated person can do the Body For Life diet and workout plan and make it through it. It is heavily taxing, making it hard for most people to handle.


Nutrition and Diet

People who follow the Body for Life diet are recommended to eat six meals a day. Food has to be consumed every few hours, and it consists of a balanced and sensible mix of proteins and carbs. Vegetables are an important part of this diet and one has to drink over 10 gallons of water a day. One has to include just a single teaspoon of unsaturated oil every day. Salmon can be consumed up to three times a week. To maintain the perfect balance, you can include nutrition shakes to the diet plan.


Workout Routine

The main focus of Body for Life diet is on workouts and exercises. One has to train for 12 weeks, where every day the upper or the lower part of the body will get worked upon. Biceps, triceps, back, chest and shoulders will get the upper body work out and the lower body workout will include calves, hamstrings and quadriceps. While the upper body workout sessions last for 45 minutes the lower body workouts last for 20 minutes. Body For Life reviews does not speak of any specific number of sets that have to be done during the upper and lower body workouts.


According to certain Body for Life reviews, this program designed by Bill Phillips seems to be the real deal. If you are willing to go through some rigorous stunts to get back into shape, this is a good way to start.


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Body For Life Diet Review