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Does The Abs Diet For Women Work

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Does The Abs Diet For Women Work? For all those who don’t know, the abs diet plan for women promises to aid in weight loss, decrease the body fat and give them fabulous abs.  “The Abs Diet for Women "was developed by David Zinczenko. David Zinczenko tweaked his best seller book “The Abs Diet” to develop new abs diet plan for women.  David Zinczenko claims that you need to undergo "The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Belly and Firm Up Your Body for Life".


Now you may ask how the abs diet plan can deliver results in just six weeks?!  The answer is that the new abs diet for women follows the golden principle of healthy food consumption and regular exercising. We believe there is no harm in following this plan, because it is the healthy way to chuck off the weight and improve fitness. Of late the abs diet plan has established itself because it never asks you to follow unnatural methods of weight loss like weight loss supplements, figure oils or potions. The abs diet plan appeals to women of all ages because unlike other diet plans the abs diet is all about common sense and scientific knowledge. The Abs diet is built around the understanding that almost every second woman on the earth wants to improve her health.

Following are the important facets of the abs diet plan:

  • Eat Well: As indicated before unlike the other diet plans the new abs diet for women supports the ideology of “eat well to have healthy body".  Zinczenko says that the abs diet is not about food deprivation instead it supports the eater to eat more.  He further adds that the abs diet is all about self control. The Abs diet power 12 recommends that the eater should eat foods that are high in proteins and fibers because they help to fill you up.  Zinczenko is clever to understand that many women still count their calories while eating that’s why he has dedicated a chapter on how to count calories and how to make calorie counts etc.

    The Abs diet plan suggests women to have meals three times a day complete with snacking in between. Zinczenko calls it “energy balance” philosophy. This philosophy was perfected after series of studies conducted at Georgia State University.  The studies found that regular eating aids in fat reduction and helps in building body muscles.  The new abs diet for women not only concentrates on what you are eating but also ensures that you are eating well.  Zinczenko suggests that women should eat foods like eggs, oatmeal, turkey, olive oil and peanut butter to enjoy good health. These foods not only deliver health, but also empower our body to straighten out health issues like high blood pressure or cholesterol. 

  • Occasional high calorie foods help to kick start the metabolism: The next important facet of Abs diet plan is that occasional consumption of high calorie foods help to kick- start the metabolism.  Zinczenko says that people usually get bored of eating the diet foods while administering to other diet plans. But the new abs diet for women gives them the opportunity of having high calorie meals at least once a week. He says that this facet helps to keep people on track.
  • Exercise three times a week: Zinczenko recommends that women should follow atleast 20 minute exercise program three days a week. He emphasizes that women should go for strength - training. He recommends that women should go for abdominal exercises atleast twice a week.  Other than these Zinczenko suggests about 50 exercises which women can practice as per their convenience.


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Does The Abs Diet For Women Work