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How to add cereals for a healthy balanced diet

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Choosing from the five different food groups can help us to have a healthy balanced diet. Cereal is important food which is part of the food group and is considered very essential. Cereals like oats, barley, flours, pasta and crackers are rich in vitamins and minerals. Among this, whole grain cereals are much preferred by people as they are low in fat and cholesterol free. Add this Cereal to you daily diet to improve health and to stay fit.

  • Choose whole grain cereal that is rich in fiber content, it is recommended to take 25gm of fiber daily. The cereal you choose must give you 3 grams of fiber in a single serving; however cereal which offers 5 grams of fiber or more per serving will be the best.
  • Low calorie cereals will help you to lose weight gradually. Beside regular work out, add this cereal for extra benefit.
  • Cereals that contain 100% oat bran, wheat or bran are very good to health. Whole grain cereal takes long time to digest, so you will not feel hungry till lunch and no need to have any snacks in between. Start right away, add this cereal for extra benefit that not only keeps you healthy but will make you feel great.
  • Eating Foods that are digested slowly and rich in soluble fiber helps to prevent non insulin dependent diabetes, as they do not require large amount of insulin release in the blood. Adding cereal fiber protects you from this condition and diabetic patients can consume whole grain cereal foods than taking refined cereals.
  • Whole grain cereal product is good in many ways and consuming them regularly can prevent us from developing colon cancer, heart diseases, diabetic and certain other diseases. Add this cereal at least once a day to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

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How To Add Cereals For A Healthy Balanced Diet