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How Curry Spice Protects Your Liver

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 Let’s analyze how curry spice protects your liver. Curcumin has been widely used in native medicine for centuries in India and has been documented in the ancient Indian Ayurvedic literature for its medicinal properties. Now more research has been done and its biological properties have been identified and studied for its therapeutic and preventive effects on cancer, myeloma, psoriasis and Alzheimer’s. Another beneficial effect was seen in liver cirrhosis patients.

According to research done in Saint Louis University-SLU, researcher Dr. Anping Chen studies the molecular mechanism of liver fibrosis and is searching for a natural way to prevent and treat this liver damage. Their study suggests that Curcumin may be effective therapy in treating and preventing liver fibrosis which is associated with NASH (non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis.)

Action of Leptin: Leptin a hormone produced by visceral and sub cutaneous adipose tissue is critical in regulating the energy intake and use. It is linked to causing liver fibrosis. Leptin activated hepatic NASH is caused by deposition of fat in the liver and development of liver scarring. This is seen more in obese and overweight people. Fat cells secrete leptin. The leptin then is seen to activate the stellate cells which in turn lead to the overproduction of collagen protein responsible for liver damage. Chen during his study found that the curry spice Curcumin helps to stop leptin form activating the cells and preventing liver damage.

Liver disease is also associated with high glucose and insulin levels which are regularly seen in people with diabetes and who are overweight. A lot more research and clinical trials need to be done before this practice and treatment with Curcumin becomes established and followed through seriously by patients. Right now the results look promising and hopefully the beneficial effects of Curcumin the curry spice, can be tapped into.

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How Curry Spice Protects Your Liver