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Does Cottage Cheese Diet Work Or Not

Does cottage cheese diet work or not? To be very honest, the name of the diet itself might sound very cheesy to a lot of us. I don't mean to sound prejudiced at the very start of the blog, but come on, we are talking about cheese here. With obesity being the biggest problem that the world is facing right now, most of us cringe when someone utters the word “cheese”. That is why many might consider the cottage cheese diet sceptically. To help you(and me) feel a little better, I'm going to tell you this: cottage cheese contains about 200 calories per cup of which 25g to 31g is protein, 3g t o 8g is fat(if made from low fat milk) and less than 3g is carbohydrates. So, the cottage cheese is not made entirely of fat and it is not too bad. As corny as it may sound, the cottage cheese diet might just help you shed some quick pounds.


The goal of the cottage cheese diet is to help the dieter to lose upto 10 pounds in 3 days. However, the effect of the cottage cheese diet would vary from person to person. To lose weight through this plan, the dieter is asked to eat cottage cheese during every meal along with lots of fruits and vegetables that are low in carbs. Grapefruit comes strongly recommended as a part of this diet. It has loads of fat burning enzymes in it. All other foods are not allowed during the 3 days of the diet. Some might find this diet very bland, but then you are allowed to season it to your liking. You will also be asked to drink a lot of water while doing this diet.


The cottage cheese diet will definitely help you lose some pounds in 2 days because you would be drastically cutting down on your carbohydrate intake. But then again, you must know that the cottage cheese diet is one of the many, many fad diets out there. You will lose weight as the diet claims but if you are not careful after the diet is over, all the lost weight will be back in no time. Healthy eating habits and physical activities are the only solution in order to sustain your weight loss.




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Does Cottage Cheese Diet Work Or Not