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How To Use Spirulina In Daily Diet

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If you know how to use Spirulina in daily diet, then you can easily enjoy the benefits of this nutritious substance. Spirulina is actually a type of algae in blue-green color and off late scientists are claiming this to be quite helpful in boosting the immunity system, preventing deadly diseases like cancer, protecting against allergies and so on. Although, these benefits are yet to be tested on human beings, still the animal test results and laboratory studies represent a satisfactory answer, in this respect. Using Spirulina in daily diet is not an issue, as this is available in powder and tablet forms in most of the medical stores. To incorporate Spirulina in daily diet, simply add the powder or tablet to your favorite recipe and enjoy the multi-fold benefits. Here are some easy but yummy ideas to use Spirulina in daily diet.


Mix the Spirulina powder in the glass of plain water or fruit juice to accompany your breakfast items. If you are using the tablet, then dissolve it into the drink. In case of plain water, you might not like the Spirulina smell in water; so it is better to use the fruit juice as the fruity flavor will overpower the smell of Spirulina.  For your breakfast, you can also use Spirulina in your bowl of cereal, be it warm or cold.


Lunch and Dinner

You can also use Spirulina in daily diet by adding this to your lunch and dinner. Mix the Spirulina powder or tablet, in your favorite soup or sprinkle the powder over the green salad or on top of the delicious pasta dish. You can simply sprinkle the powder on any of your lunch or dinner preparations for using Spriulina in daily diet.



There are several snack options for using Spirulina in your daily diet. Prepare your favorite smoothie and add the powder or tablet while blending it. Alternatively, you can mix the powder in the fruity yogurt to enjoy the benefits. Prepare a creamy and cheesy dip and use Spirulina as one of the ingredients. This tasty and healthy dip can be used for anything, you like to snack on.


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How To Use Spirulina In Daily Diet