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Secret To Johnny Depp Weight - Blue Tinted Sunglasses!

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 Johnny Depp may owe his slim physique to the blue tinted diet eyeglasses


At 45, Johnny Depp continues to look like a teenager – youthful, slim and handsome. His appearance has been attributed to his diet and workout regime planned by Janet Charlton, Hollywood gossip blogger. Depp seems to have a lot of chicken, tuna packed in water, fruits like pineapple, kiwi and blueberries and soy milk.


The Japanese Find

The Japanese media however, has given all credits to the blue tinted sun glasses he wore during a film promotion in Japan. For years now, Depp's blue tinted glasses have been on the news in Japan, as they believe that it has an appetite reducing effect. If you think, food looking blue through the blue coloured glass is what makes them less appealing, and therefore an appetite suppressant, then think again.


Japanese TV show reported how when street lights in Glasgow, Scotland was changed from yellow to blue, the cities crime rate dropped. This change was attributed to an increase in serotonin in the residents’ brains, an increase which has been associated with blue light. Serotonin is considered to have various effects on mood, sleep and appetite. The drug ecstasy produces feelings of empathy by releasing serotonin. Fen-phen is an appetite controlling drug which works by enhansing the brain’s release of serotonin, also causes heart diseases in some patients.


Made In Japan

Post the TV report in 2005, an Osaka entrepreneur, Yasuhira Niioda spend years manufacturing blue fashion sunglasses for diet purposes. He has called his company the FTF Inc and has been marketing the product through Web site and magazines. According to the company, these lenses, maximize serotonin production.


If you believe in this tale, and want to pick up a pair of these lasses, then you are can't do so unless you are in Japan. FTF has not yet started exporting their product. The price will amount to about $18.00, but the wait might be a little longer.


Though one is not sure if Depp's new avathar has anything to do with the blue-tinted glasses, experimenting might not be such a bad idea.

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Secret To Johnny Depp Weight - Blue Tinted Sunglasses!