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The Dramatic Story Of Russell Crowe Weight Gain And Weight Loss

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The story of Russell Crowe weight has been doing the rounds ever since the Australian actor has started manipulating his body weight in accordance to the look of the character played by him. The Russell Crowe weight gain has certainly resulted in giving him a paunchy and well fed look, which is a striking contrast to the lean look that he had sported in a couple of his earlier films. But how does he manage to control his weight according to his will? Let us check out the dramatic story of Russell Crowe weight gain and weight loss.


The Russell Crowe weight loss still remains the talk of the town and succeeded in amazing his fans and competitors alike when he emerged as the ‘Gladiator’ blessed with a perfectly sculpted body. The combination of laborious physical exercise and a balanced, nutritious diet paid off as did the proper spacing of meals. The ideal Russell Crowe weight also owes a lot to protein supplements and arduous work outs which helped him to play the rough and tough role of a gladiator. Spending almost 70 minutes at the gym became a strict routine which went a long way in ensuring the proper amount of Russell Crowe weight loss.


The 2008 movie ‘Body of Lies’ saw the actor looking a little rounded  courtesy the Russell Crowe weight gain tactics. Crowe, who played the role of a CIA agent, ended up looking more than a bit overweight by tucking in to cheesecakes and cupcakes which formed a part of the Russell Crowe weight management procedure.


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The Dramatic Story Of Russell Crowe Weight Gain And Weight Loss