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Ryan Reynolds Diet Secrets Revealed!

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The secret of Ryan Reynolds diet routine is out now. The ‘Blade Trinity’ star revealed how he managed to shed almost all of his fat and replaced it with a solid muscular mass. The look that he achieved in 2003-2004 continues to impress many even after all these years with the conversation turning to the Ryan Reynolds diet every time one needs to sport a six pack abdomen.


The star himself describes the Ryan Reynolds diet routine which included eating every 2-3 hours without over stuffing oneself. A lot of water was consumed in between the meals too as the star was insistent about not getting dehydrated.


Breakfast was the very first meal of Ryan Reynolds diet routine which comprised of egg whites and an oatmeal cereal with no added sugar. A protein bar was consumed within the next couple of hours with apple sauce and a dusting of cinnamon enlivening the taste of the bar considerably.


The Ryan Reynolds diet routine consisted of a chicken and vegetable lunch which was eaten with brown rice duly followed by a protein bar after two hours or so. Broiled fish and vegetables alternated with non spicy chicken dishes for dinner while the star stuck to the Ryan Reynolds diet routine. A salad with balsamic vinegar was the only dressing allowed here and the entire evening was spent consuming protein shakes right until it was time to retire for the night.


Sticking to the Ryan Reynolds diet routine helped the actor to eat almost 8-10 small meals a day instead of the customary three. The protein bars and shakes helped in conserving the energy while the no carbohydrate rule proved to be very effective for building up the requisite muscles.  A number of creatine supplements were also recommended by the customized Ryan Reynolds diet routine which went a long way in building up the right muscles.


The required carbohydrates were consumed well before eight in the evening as the Ryan Reynolds diet routine allowed for nothing except protein shakes after dinner. The Ryan Reynolds diet routine also helped to keep the heart healthy apart from keeping the blood glucose level in check.


Ryan Reynolds was particularly flattered to have been asked whether he had prosthetics added to his abdomen giving him the chiseled six pack look. He emphasizes the need for a punishing workout coupled with the proper diet when it comes to getting rid of unwanted fat. A nutritious diet is the key to a healthy body says the star who has slimmed down quite a bit after ‘Blade Trinity’ and ‘Amityville Horror’. He still remains lean, however, and cannot do without the dietary regime that has become a fixture in his life now.


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Ryan Reynolds Diet Secrets Revealed!