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Audrey Hepburn Diet Secrets Revealed

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How do slender built women like Audrey Hepburn maintain their bodies for ever and ever? Audrey Hepburn diet secrets revealed that the secret is no secret at all. Wise application and practice of healthy eating habits in conjunction with regular, ample amount of physical exercise is what diets of naturally slim people consist of.


Simple Audrey Hepburn Diet Secrets


The Audrey Hepburn diet is simple and many might find it a tad boring and monotonous but the results are overwhelming and definitely visible for those who are ready to go the whole way. Given below is the complete outline of the Audrey Hepburn diet.


The day begins with consumption of fresh pure water followed by a simple breakfast which should definitely include fresh fruit. Soups, salads and fruits should be taken for lunch and dinner. Small portions of fish and chicken are also allowed for the meals.


Smaller portions during meals and exercising moderation while indulging in sweets and savories would do the trick. The trick would be eat your meal, little by little and spread it over the complete day. Small bites and spoonfuls would be enough to satiate the hunger pangs. This can be continued for days until the hunger cravings reduced and your appetite would demand only small, tiny portions of food.


Other golden rules of Audrey Hepburn diet include not eating fried food, any kind of cheese and brushing your teeth a minimum of five times a day. Brushing prevents bacteria that love sweets from triggering sweet cravings. Last but not the least, never take a nap immediately after a meal, go for a stroll instead.


A regular exercise routine of 30 minutes daily should accompany the Audrey Hepburn diet.

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Audrey Hepburn Diet Secrets Revealed