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Christian Bale Weight Loss Diet Secrets Revealed

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Celebrities lose weight way too early than the common man and there are quite a few secrets behind their rapid and quick weight loss. Christian Bale is a also among those celebrities who have lost flab and if you are craving to know his weight loss secrets then read this article - Christian Bale Weight Loss Diet Secrets Revealed, thoroughly.


The saga of Christian Bale that started with Batman continues with movies like Dark Night and many more. But it is intimidating to see how is the quickly this celebrity transformed itself from being an actor who had the physique of a scrawny runner to a buffed superhero. The actor looked incredibly thin in his movie The Fighter.


Christian Bale’s diet programs keep on changing according to the requirement of the movies he is cast in. Some his famous weight loss diets include:

Apple and Coffee Diet: Christian Bale was required to lose weight for a movies he ate only apples and drank coffee for several months. He lost a whooping 63 pounds in a couple of months.

Coffee helps to increase the metabolism due to the caffeine content. And it is believed that Christian Bale drank dark coffee because milk and cream are rich in saturated fats and defeat the purpose of weight loss. So, dark coffee is one of the secrets behind Christian Bale weight loss technique.

Apples also help in weight reduction. Since apples are high in fiber and sugar content, they are a complete food item. The pectin in apples also dampens down the appetite. Little wonder that Christian Bale has been photographed a number of times carrying apples on the sets.

Tuna Diet: The celebrity star survived for a couple of months by eating only one tuna can per day. Christian Bale took vitamin supplements along with this diet and exercised hard. The star lost tremendous amount of weight and became really thin.

Christian Bale Weight Loss Exercise Program: The star’s exercise regime includes intensive cardio workouts and intensive resistance/weight training workouts. . A sampling of his exercise routine include high pulls, jump squats, power cleans and bench press. This keeps his body well toned, with low body fat levels.

For development of secondary muscles involving the shoulders, triceps and back, the Christian Bale uses an incline bench and barbell. To start this exercise, he lies on the incline bench and with an even grip on the bar, just outside shoulder-width. His shoulder, backside and feet are kept firmly planted on the bench. The weight is un-racked and lowered to the upper chest, followed by a brief pause. The weight is then driven to its starting position for another rep.


Though Christian Bale weight loss tricks seem effective, I suggest that before you start on any of these fitness regimes consult your nutritionist and doctor for best results.

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Christian Bale Weight Loss Diet Secrets Revealed