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January Is The Month People Search For Dieting Tips

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Now that New Year is here everybody is getting back to the normal work-life schedule after the long party season. If you Google about the top New Year’s resolutions, weight loss is the most popular resolution and hence January Is The Month People Search For Dieting Tips. The reason behind this is very logical, from mid-November till 1st January, the discussion on food surrounds people and they are swept up in the food frenzy.


With the holiday season there are parties everywhere and so is high calorie food and drinks. As a result, more food ends up on the plate everyday of the holiday season, than is required. With those extra pounds so much visible after the holiday season, people search for dieting tips and weight loss like crazy, in January. The searches for words like ‘calorie’, ‘Body Mass Index’, and ‘Calorie Counter’ more than double. And is true for each January, since past so many years, but of course the searches double or triple every year. For e.g., the search volume for the word ‘calorie’ has increased steadily over the years.


If you are also looking forward to lose some extra pounds in January, to face the weighing scale without fear, then try some of these easy to follow tricks.

Healthy Snacking: You have had more than your share of the amazing calorie laden snacks during the holiday season. Now is the time to show some restraint. Keep snacks like carrot sticks, light popcorns, fresh fruits, yogurt and sugarless candies at an arm’s length. If you are offered something that does not fit in the healthy snack category, walk away politely and get out your own snacks.

Exercise: Yes, I know that you are aware about the benefits of exercising especially when you are on a weight loss program. After the holidays, set aside little more time for exercise. If you are planning to walk for 30 minutes a day, make it 45 minutes. Additional exercise time will raise your energy levels and lower the stress and will keep in high spirits making you feel good about yourself.

Treat Yourself: Occasionally treat yourself with a candy or a chocolate bar or your favorite food, for sticking to your diet and weight loss program. When you indulge, go for high quality rather than quantity. Take small portions and savor each bite.

Don’t Starve Yourself: People search for dieting tips a lot and at times find themselves starving by following a particular diet plan. This sort of diet plan is the worst to follow and make you feel miserable and you'll be much more likely to give into temptation, or completely over indulge once you do start eating. So eat healthy food as much as your appetite allows and do not remain hungry. Eat in moderation.

Go ahead and enjoy the post holiday season as much as you enjoyed the holidays!

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January Is The Month People Search For Dieting Tips