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10 Recipes You Can Save Your Life With

There is nothing like eating your own cooking- it’s healthy and rewarding considering the interests invested in the ‘art’.  As we witness the art of self cooking fading away into the speed of today’s lifestyle, here are some 10 recipes you can save your life with. They are simple, easy to prepare and well, the ultimate life-savers, especially, if you want to dish out something to refuel your energy reserves in the healthiest  way possible.

Let us get started to take a quick look into some of the dishes, which are wonderful to make, tasty to eat and healthy to cherish, in the way of recipe ideas to save your life with :

•    Salmon with maple soy sauce:  Fillets of salmon sprinkled with salt and pepper are baked till done to the extent of getting flaky in the thickest part. Maple syrup and soy sauce are put in a saucepan and allowed to steam till it becomes thick. The sauce is then drizzled over the fillets at the time of serving.

•    Broccoli soup : Onions and garlic are sautéed in butter with broccoli florets and potato chunks added in later. To this mixture, thyme is added and stirred for some time. The veggies are then immersed in water and allowed to boil, till tender, which is then pureed in a blender. Here is a recipe to save your life with, as it makes a wholesome meal and gives you optimum nutrition.

•    Nutmeg pork chops : Pork chops are sprinkled with salt, pepper and nutmeg on both sides and cooked in butter on medium heat. Once done, the remaining butter is allowed to turn brown and drizzled over mashed potatoes. The dish is served with green beans.

•    Cucumber –tomato-beef stir fry : Tomatoes and cucumbers wed the perfect way and combine it with a meaty dish, the combo is simply awesome. Ground beef is fried in a pan, with garlic and ginger till brown after which chopped tomatoes and cucumbers are added. After that the mixture is sprinkled with Chinese five spice followed by mirin, soy sauce and sugar. The dish can be eaten with rice.

•    Lentil soup : Diced onions and potatoes, and sliced carrots are sautéed in oil along with garlic. To this mixture, tomatoes, lentils and broth are added and simmered for about an hour until the lentils are properly cooked. In the end sugar and vinegar is added and allowed to simmer for another five minutes or so. Once the soup thickens, it is ready and shredded cheese can be added to the top-fragrant and flavorsome as a topping recipe to save your life with.
•   Blueberry muffins: Eggs, sugar, milk, frozen and fresh blueberries, all-purpose flour, wheat flour, buttermilk, baking soda cinnamon, salt in appropriate proportion go into making the batter (the dry and wet ingredients mixed separately). Once baked,  your blue-berry muffins will turn out to be the ‘blue-eyed boy’ of an endearing bake and also one of the recipes to save your life with.

•    Rice: For one cup of rice, two cups of water are used and put in a pot covered, and cooked on high heat. Once the water comes to boil, the heat is turned low. The rice is allowed to cook till the water is all soaked in.

•    Mashed potatoes: Peeled potatoes are boiled in a pot of water, till the potatoes become “fork-tender”. Once done, the water is drained and the potatoes are mashed. Yoghurt, or butter or cream along with salt can be drizzled over the mashed potatoes.

•    Baked potatoes: Potatoes are so versatile that it is no wonder that they feature in recipes to save your life with. Peeled and washed potatoes are baked in the oven till tender. The baked potatoes can then be drizzled with sour cream, shredded cheese or a mix of broccoli and shredded cheese.

•    Grilled cheese sandwich:  Sandwiches – the highly portable eatable yet the most basic filler as an any-time menu-item, top the list of recipes to save your life with. Sliced cheese is laid on the slice of bread with the outer part spread with  butter or mayonnaise. Another slice of bread to club with the cheesed bread is also spread with butter. The ‘club’ then goes into a pan for medium-heat frying, till light brown. Your grilled cheese sandwich is ready to be munched over with a sauce dip.

Our tips on 10 recipes you can save your life with can get you started to cook with the energy which can sustain a healthy, long life.

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10 Recipes You Can Save Your Life With